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Sheryl (Reese Witherspoon) managed to endure a lot of things. The death mothers (Laura Dern) knocked down it, and Sheryl who has lost a point of support hit in all heavy - drugs and chaotic sex destroyed its marriage, and now the woman does not know howRead More

7th gnome

When the princess Rose was born, witch Dellamorta damned the girl and declared that if the Rose will prick a finger before achievement of the 18 anniversary, it and all court will go to the eternal rest, while the princess will be not not kissed by herRead More

Nice bastards

Old salt Marko got used to meet alone though an ocean storm, though vital scrapes. News about ruin of the sister, suicide of her husband and the conclusion in a psychiatric clinic of the niece force Marko to set foot on land in attempt to understand withRead More

Understand me if you can

The ten years Aria dreams of carefree pastime in the company of the school girlfriend and the black cat picked up on the street. Instead the girl should be broken off between the rowing parents being on the verge of divorce, to receive tychka from elderRead More

Life Adele

Senior pupil Adele (Adele Ekzarkopulos) gets the novel with the attractive guy, but does not feel satisfied. On the contrary, the casual kiss with the girl strongly gets it. When Adele together with the friend gay comes to «nonconventional club», it getsRead More


Cecile Gaines (Forest Whitaker), the son of the farm laborer killed by the white owner, becomes the professional butler at the White house, having passed a hard way from the errand boy to the waiter in prestigious mans club where it and is noticed byRead More

Review of a pilot episode of series «Z Nation»

Three years later after emergence of the first cases of the zombie infection the civilization fell - units which got off in small groups survived only, but did not think up, for the sake of what to them to live further. But the mankind still has a hopeRead More