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Presentiment of love

After the birth of son Tito Julia and Felixs marriage cracked. It is absorbed by work and tries to spend time far away from the house, she was tired of routine and seeks new feelings elsewhere. In attempt to rescue the relation the family goes to theRead More


On the eve of Thanksgiving Day all studgorodok parts on houses. Justin (Hailey Bennett) which remains in a campus in the company of several watchmen is no place to go only. Having left in shop behind supplies, it faces strange girl (Ashley Greene) whoRead More


Half a year ago Brent (Savyer Samyuel), being at a wheel, distracted from the road and drove in a tree, having killed thus the father. Now he suffers from fault and cannot in any way start to live at full capacity - in spite of the fact that it has aRead More

Dark world: Balance

The student of university Dasha leads usual life of the Moscow girl, without suspecting that powerful Devoted, conducting continuous fight against the Dark World, already took notice of it. The influential ancient Sorcerer plans to destroy a portal blockingRead More

Kiss mummy for the night

In the small city in usual at first sight to a family there is a tragedy - parents small Niam perish during the terrible poltergeist. The girl escaped, and it is taken for a while to themselves by neighbors, but about that happened in the house, nobodyRead More

Review of series «Dominion. Season 1»

When God suddenly disappeared, angels captivated the earth. Under leadership of archangel Gabriel they were installed in human bodies and began to destroy all people who was not useful to them. Only one Saint Michael the Archangel (Tom Uizd) supportedRead More

Paranormal phenomenon: Label of the Devil

Jesse just left school and now with might and main hangs out with the best friend Hector. Once children face the friend Oscar who leaves the apartment of strange neigbour Jesse by name of Anna - in the district her call precisely the witch. And soon OscarRead More