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Review of series «Lie monastery: Season 2»

Martie Kaan (Cheadle) - the best employee of consulting firm Golduezer Stern, the real star, and together with the team it tears зазевавшихся clients to crackling notes so that обзавидуешься. The secret of success of Martie thatRead More


Having got over in the new house, the family the Platform finds the unpleasant neighbourhood - in the house clap doors, on rooms the putrefactive smell and cold is carried, children are frightened by unexpected reflections and invisible friendsRead More

Love in the big city 3

After the events which have put end to the second film, passed six years. At three pairs our heroes remarkable children grow, only their education limps - Igor of the son too sponsors, while Artem, on the contrary, considers that his son will reach everythingRead More

Secret inclination

Poured also Roz - girlfriends since childhood. Together they throughout all life live in a cozy corner on the ocean coast, there they find the beloved, in the same place become mothers. Evolved sons fall in love with mothers of each other, and these strangeRead More


During Thanksgiving Day celebration Kellers small daughters (Hugh Dzhekman) and Franklin (Terrens Howard) went out of doors - and did not return. Kellers eldest son remembered that saw nearby the old parked van, and it becomes a starting point in investigationRead More

Избави us from crafty

The New York detective Ralf Sarchi (Eric Ben) is completely given to work. For years of service in police it saw much terrible and disgusting, but the next business nonpluses even such skilled копа, as it: seemingly normal woman, having come to a cityRead More

Hobbit: Heathland of Smauga

The successor of a gnomy throne Torin Duboshchit and his partners continue the way to the Lonely mountain, in depths of the ancient city grasped by a firedrake Smaugom. Before expedition Likholesye, the house of the wood elves, for quite some time nowRead More