7th gnome

When the princess Rose was born, witch Dellamorta damned the girl and declared that if the Rose will prick a finger before achievement of the 18 anniversary, it and all court will go to the eternal rest, while the princess will be not not kissed by her promised. The king did the utmost to prevent trouble, but the witch outwitted him, and in day of the 18 anniversary of the Rose the lock nevertheless sank into a sleep. Now rescue the kingdom the seven gnomes invited to a holiday, but happily avoided a damnation can only. They should reach Dellamorta’s lock, cope with a vedminy dragon and get out of a dungeon of scullion Jack – the beloved of the princess who can remove a paternoster.

Shot from the animated film «the 7th gnome»7th gnome

Despite the shortcomings, «7 gnomes» 2004 was one of the most commercially successful pictures in the history of Germany

Remember German children’s films «7 gnomes» and «7 gnomes: And it is not enough whole wood», let out respectively in 2004 and 2006? We very much hope that is not present, because it there were very poor statements with cheap effects and scenery, flat post-modernist jokes and so hypertrophied aping that punk star Nina Hagen known for the grotesque image playing the malicious sorcerer, on the general background seemed to one of responsible stars of a dilogy.

Shot from the animated film «the 7th gnome»7th gnome

Otto Vaalkes, the coauthor of a cycle about seven gnomes and the performer of a role Bobo, was the most popular comedian of Germany in the 1970th and the 1980th

Fortunately, instead of removing the second, even more pity sequel, than «And the whole wood it is not enough», founders of a cycle involved in the project of animators and drew the 3D-animated film «the 7th gnome» – syuzhetno a tape independent of the previous pictures which on spirit and style is closer to "Shrek", than to the worst film fairy tales from a socialist camp. Certainly, graphics and animation of "Gnome" far to fresh American мультхитов, and from his some shots judges of video games would be twisted even. But it is the present magic fairy tale with convincing gnomes, a dragon and the witch, instead of the clownish buffoonery removed on a knee unworthy the homeland of such fantastic masterpieces, as "Metropolis" and «Infinite history».

Shot from the animated film «the 7th gnome»7th gnome

When often you look and you estimate obviously second-grade animated films drawn in the countries which are not famous for strong animation tradition, quickly you get used to that these pictures hardly pass even base tests for professional suitability. «the 7th gnome» in this regard – a pleasant exception of a rule. It is possible to call the German animated film an embodiment of traditional German quality – the competent graphics, the competent animation, the competent plot, competent jokes (in Russian translation, however, there are a bit too much tricks from our comedies which in such film sound a little ridiculously) … It is impossible to carp even to that from seven gnomes makes almost all feats one and only «полурослик» – the small, the kindest and the most naive. After all the picture is called «the 7th gnome», instead of «7 gnomes» and consequently it is logical that other six were mass meeting at Bobo.

Shot from the animated film «the 7th gnome»7th gnome

Another thing is that competence and inspiration is different things, and professionalism of founders of «the 7th gnome» does not do their creation to less secondary. At least, from the point of view of the viewer who has become skilled in fantastic cinema. In recent years we saw many variations on the subject of "Snow White" and «The sleeping beauty», and the German animated film is allocated only with that in it there is a dragon who is beating off a tap dance. At what here dances? Thus that «the 7th gnome» is not only magic, but also the musical fairy tale, and his heroes sing in an occasion and without cause. Any of these songs does not run into memory (where you, new Let It Go!), but also it would not be desirable to stop up ears that for present musical tapes already achievement.

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