Before midnight

From the moment of last our meeting with Jesse (Hawk) and Selin (Дельпи) passed nearly ten years. At them charming daughters twins, and son Jesse from first marriage grow, Hank, is compelled to be broken off between mother and the father. Now all family has a rest in Greece, Hank just departed home to New York, and at Jesse and Selene rare free evening which they can devote to themselves stands out, – friends agreed to look after their children. However easy chatter gradually turns off there, from where it is possible and not to get out …

Before midnight

The film is devoted to Ami’s memory – Selene’s prototype with which Richard Linkleyter got acquainted in youth. The woman was lost many years ago in a car accident

In the history of cinema there are a lot of the cycles covering for many years: James Bond, John Makkleyn and Indiana Jones protect our rest which decade. But Richard Linkleyter, Eton Hawk and Giuly Delpi once started not simply long-playing franchize with interchangeable components, and one big life long history. Jesse and Selene got acquainted in the 1994th when it was on twenty with small, – met in a train flying through Europe, spent unforgettable night in Vienna and parted, having promised each other to return on this station in a year. Youth is easy on lifting, but is windy – a year later they did not meet. But met in the 2004th when Jesse got the wife, the child and a certain glory – thanks to the book which wrote based on that night in Vienna. One day in Paris, and Jesse who is late aboard the plane who should return it to a family, cannot force to rise itself from a sofa. It is bewitched by the first love hopping under a gipnotichny voice of Nina Simone.

Before midnight

In the summer the 2012th Hawk and Delpi said lies to journalists that the film is not started yet in production and all of them still script, though already at full speed there were shootings

And here a new meeting – the sun, the sea, Jesse and Selene come back from the airport. They smile each other, joke, stir about everything on light, on a back seat of their car blond angels, the sign of their love peacefully snuffle. They grew old, but did not change almost and gracefully pin up each other – it is visible that it is still madly interesting to these two together. These dialogues are so brilliant and graceful, and Hawk and Delpi are so fresh and direct, what even it would be desirable, that the session immediately ended and it was possible to share somewhat quicker impressions with others. From by the way flown by cloudlet of contention simply you wave away – whether a little, everyone happens. But an hour of screen time later, having met the finest decline together, these two will arrange cruel fight in which all dirt which for many years was accurately swept up under a family carpet will emerge.

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