Disturber of tranquillity

Expelled from a cozy hole a national team led by the priest, tramp Borgman asks to take a shower for the respectable house. Dexterously manipulating traditional draft of the successful European for social responsibility, he gradually ingratiates with his sensitive hostess. Kindness does not remain unpunished.

Disturber of tranquillity

The film was presented in the main competition of the Cannes MKF

In a surname of the protagonist (it is the original name of the film) – Borgman – Bergman with an ulterior motive seems. Not in the sense that it is necessary to look for film roots in creativity of the great Swedish classic, and in what installed Varmerdama where from a comic juggling to the serious statement only one step, and each its film walks through this border as if drunk, zigzags is so arranged.

Disturber of tranquillity

Alex Van Varmerdam often plays in the films. It plays a role of the improvised protagonist in "Borgman" – Ludwig

«The disturber of tranquillity» begins a scene which "Frankenstein" could open: the priest and two not indifferent peasants, having armed drekoly, expel from wood dugouts it is not known in what the guilty tramps. The disturbing atmosphere is set instantly, a cultural background – too. The director will be played by similar quotes and from now on. Tramps will appear almost a gang of malicious wizards, or perhaps even malicious demons: at least, the leader of a band Borgman will sit at night on the sleeping victims, as if the monster on Henry Fyuzeli’s romantic cloth. And the victim – the house artist and mother of three blond angels from a decent burgher family – will consider seriously that Borgman can turn into a dog. Varmerdam will play the culmination with assistance of "Hamlet": the theatrical play, wine with poison, drowned men. Ridiculously? Yes not so.

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