Review of series «Dominion. Season 1»

When God suddenly disappeared, angels captivated the earth. Under leadership of archangel Gabriel they were installed in human bodies and began to destroy all people who was not useful to them. Only one Saint Michael the Archangel (Tom Uizd) supported mankind. It helped survived to build walls round the cities and to equip them with antiaircraft guns and machine guns. And it hid from angels and people of the Electee – the baby born at the beginning of war to whom destiny is foreordained to put an end in Sky and Earth opposition. Since then passed 25 years, and almost anybody in the world does not know that Chosen is simple sergeant Alex Lennon (Christopher Igan) from city guard Vega, the former Las Vegas.

Shot from series "the Dominion. Season 1"Review of series «Dominion. Season 1»

You were not bothered yet by stories about heroes who suddenly learn, what they are a chosen by fate predicted by ancient prophecies? To us to admit, they long ago обрыдли. Because, first, where is more courageous (or, on the contrary, is more womanly) most to decide that you should rescue mankind. And secondly, independent heroes are usually more picturesque, than slack-baked youths like Luke Skayuoker or Alex Lennon, relying on wise teachers and mystical instructions.

Shot from series "the Dominion. Season 1"Review of series «Dominion. Season 1»

Though action of show develops in Las Vegas and on the screen the city sights which have worried war are visible, "Dominion" mainly acted in film in South Africa

At least, the Hatch had an abrupt dzhedaysky sabre, and he jumped as a grasshopper. Alex in fight swings a boring steel sword and even more boring "Glok", and it has no superabilities, except a season found by the end and surprisingly useless ability to expel angels from human ph. For the rest Lennon – a brawny copy Skayuokera boring and not especially enterprising well-wisher without sense of humour and to watch its adventures only it is a little more pleasant and it is interesting, than to tear out teeth without an anesthesia. If in "Dominion" there were no other important characters and subject lines, we could forget with a clear conscience about new series of the cable SyFy channel and continue to look "Supernatural" where too there are wars with inhabitants of heaven and where on the party of people children much more attractive in every respect, than Alex Lennon battle. And angels in "Supernatural" are more entertaining, than rectilinear winged heroes and villains of new show.

Shot from series "the Dominion. Season 1"Review of series «Dominion. Season 1»

"Dominion" is a sequel of a fantastic horror of 2010 "Legion" where it was told about invasion of angels and about the birth of the Electee. Both the film, and series were thought up by the screenwriter and director Scott Stewart

Fortunately, in the first season of "Dominion" Alex though syuzhetno important, but, in effect, the minor character. In the center of show there is not a preparation of the guy under the direction of Mikhail and not his first collisions with Gabriel’s henchmen, and podkoverny fights for the power in Vega, the ruthlessness and a krovavost reminding «Game of thrones». Australian харизматик Alan Deyl (king George from «Once in the fairy tale») against British Anthony Hed’s charisma (Giles from «Buffy – istrebitelnitsa of vampires») – who whom сборет? Who from governors of Vega uses the adult children, at which own political interests better? Who can rely on allies in the city senate and in other cities – first of all in Helena occupied by lesbians (the former San Diego)? Certainly, in intrigue "Game" where is more large-scale, and governors Vesterosa are more cunning and more artful, than leaders of Vega. But if you appreciate pathos, cynical and cruel stories about the people "moved" on the power, the first season of "Dominion" can quite carry away you.

Shot from series "the Dominion. Season 1"Review of series «Dominion. Season 1»

The main thing – be not frightened that general Rayzen (Deyl) and his daughter Clare (Roxanna McKee) first seem the same tiresome and virtuous characters, as Alex. On a season course both of them appear quite worthy the rivals, though not so blood-thirsty and mad, as consul David Wil (Hed) and his son preacher William (Luke Allen-Gale). Hed "burns down" especially brightly – it alone does the first season of "Dominion" worthy.

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