Shopping round

Mother and the son go to two-day bus shopping round to Finland, without knowing that chose for this purpose not so suitable time – local celebrate an ancient holiday during which each Finn respecting should eat (well or at least to take a bite) of the stranger. Tourists deliver in a huge supermarket and begin a feast.

Shopping round

The film budget – only 70 thousand dollars

At cinema much from this that seems simple and plain, in practice represents the difficult mechanism in which everyone деталька works for cumulative effect. One of the such it is deceptive "easy" genres are horrors in stylistics of «the found films». It would seem, well here difficult? Take chambers, go to the autumn wood, be frightened each shadow, at the end show for a moment a strange figure in a white shroud – and everything, be reserved by bags for millions. In practice everything, certainly, not so obviously and quite often comes to an end sadly – as in "Shopping round".

At synopsis level "Shopping round" is close to genius. Certainly, to reflect on its credibility it is not necessary (chance that kannibalistichesky habits of Finns would not emerge earlier, it is close to negative values), but it in an amicable way hooligan, fresh idea. Without problems the author’s irony is read out also – who there thought, what at the neighbor the grass is more green, and in Europe all tsivilno? Will be lost in contemplation of the abundance which is creating in "overseas" supermarkets, will not notice, how you will eat! The choice of protagonists is successful also – he forces to remember "Dzhipers Kripers" where the central characters were the brother with the sister. Mother and the son is after all is not so banal, as ordinary lovers, they can behave extremely roughly and cruelly on the relation to each other.

Shopping round

Operator Alexander Simonov shot Alexey Balabanov’s all films, since «Cargo 200»

But it only iceberg top because in scenary and technical details "Shopping round" with a ring collapses on indecently small slices. So, one of main "headaches" of founders of horror films in stylistics of «the found films» – an explanation why heroes continue to remove the events whatever it was created round them. Founders "Shopping round" by such nonsense not заморачиваются – the hero for some reason does not stop shooting even during phone call!, It seems, the kickshaw, but it is very symbolical and shows negligence of founders which extends and on the scenario as a whole: for example, having hardly been on the lam from cannibals (to one of which it was necessary раскроить the head a frying pan), heroes start to squabble on abstract subjects, and is closer to the ending, knowing that they should hold on only to a decline, do not hide somewhere under a bush in the wood, and leave it and make the way on a supermarket backyard., Certainly, again to talk about personal problems.

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