The review of series «Left. Season 1»

Few years ago on all planet the wave of mysterious disappearances swept – about two percent of the population of the earth disappeared in the unknown direction. Scientists did not find neither explanations, nor system, communication with other events. The remained people endured losses differently – someone saw in it God’s trade and adjoined churches and sects, someone counted it as punishment and has a ball, someone hides from pain, someone looks for answers. Meyplton’s small town endures all variety of reaction to "Rise", in it there are mute plakalshchik, the mad prophets, the fighters with a depression. There is no only a hero, capable to rally inhabitants on the eve of big misfortunes.

Shot from series "Left"The review of series «Left. Season 1»

At the heart of Tom Perrotta’s scenario his own novel written still in 2011 and at once acquired by the NVO channel for the screen version lies

If the first episode "Left" forced you to raise an eyebrow in a mute question: «Also that?», be ready to that the ending of a season will not give any answers. It is more than that, the arch will curve already both eyebrows, and the question will be replaced on «That it, devil take it, was?». However most interestingly here that from "Left" not easy to get off. The series are far from that it executive producer Damon Lindelof usually does, it is difficult for packing into Peter Berg’s filmography and in the list of films of Liv Tyler "Left" stick out a sharp thorn – but there is in it a certain appeal. A riddle, a hook, something allocating from a number of competitors.

Shot from series "Left"The review of series «Left. Season 1»

Peter Berg, "Hancock’s" director and "Sea battle", put a pilot episode of series, and then moved to a chair of the executive producer of show

What it? Plot? With it it is difficult – ten episodes of series, alas, do not give sufficient number of hints or helps that occurred in three years prior to the beginning of series events. No, certainly, fans have a set of theories, but Lindelof on them only shrugs shoulders and says what to explain they gather nothing. It cardinally distinguishes the Left televersion from just released film option with the same name where the reason of "Rise" is obvious. On the one hand, Lindelof and Perrotta give itself a free hand, but with another – we hope, at Damon were not erased yet from memory of reminiscence of the ending to "Survive", for which fans were ready to break off authors of series. It would be desirable, that series it is dosed out opened any secret, differently all history can turn into senseless self-deception. Whether many are ready to put on it the free evenings at a TV screen?

Shot from series "Left"The review of series «Left. Season 1»

Against the extremely confused and not too hasty plot attention of the audience the non-standard structure of a narration a little escapes from. The matter is that each episode of series contains in quality of a core of one of characters, but these mini-stories are so separated what to catch behind them an overall picture improbably difficult. And, it seems, each series something is remarkable (to take at least an episode devoted to the priest and gamblings, or an episode about the Hole trip on conference), but together they do not develop. Before us as if an incomplete set of details of a puzzle, in which also подсыпаны parts from other puzzle. It too gives to series special effect, after all never know, where will curtail the following episode.

Shot from series "Left"The review of series «Left. Season 1»

Certainly, are good "Left" and a cast. Absolutely magnificent Justin Tera with eyes of the scared deer is compelled to pull on itself the main cargo of responsibility for series, but also other actors should give all the best wholeheartedly – unusually clamped Christopher Ekklston and silent Ami Brenneman are unexpectedly shrill in each scene, a gray mouse through a background шмыгает Liv Tyler as if giving to screen action reality. Roles at all difficult, hard pressed by negative emotions, but from it they are even more convex and characteristic.

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