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During Thanksgiving Day celebration Keller’s small daughters (Hugh Dzhekman) and Franklin (Terrens Howard) went out of doors – and did not return. Keller’s eldest son remembered that saw nearby the old parked van, and it becomes a starting point in investigation which begins a detective Loki (Jack Dzhillenkhol). The van is found in the same evening, inside in a deranged condition there is certain Alex Jones (Paul Deno), but his interrogation gives of nothing – the guy has an intelligence ten years’ and he argues that knows nothing about any girls. Policemen are compelled to release it, but Keller is sure that Alex knows more than speaks, and takes justice in hand …


Hobbit: Heathland of Smauga

The successor of a gnomy throne Torin Duboshchit and his partners continue the way to the Lonely mountain, in depths of the ancient city grasped by a firedrake Smaugom. Before expedition Likholesye, the house of the wood elves, for quite some time now teeming with powers of darkness lies. Everything becomes complicated what to do this way to gnomes and the hobbit it is necessary independently – wizard Gendalf is compelled to leave them to understand that for a powerful being lodged in Dol-Guldure.

Hobbit: Heathland of Smauga

Review of a pilot episode of series «Z Nation»

Three years later after emergence of the first cases of the zombie infection the civilization fell – units which got off in small groups survived only, but did not think up, for the sake of what to them to live further. But the mankind still has a hope – one of samples of an experimental vaccine, seemingly, worked, and the experimental convict to whom it entered, after stings of a horde of the zombie survived. Now it is necessary to deliver it to California, in the center for control of epidemics, but for this purpose the group of men of courage should pass through all country.

Shot from series «Z Nation»Review of a pilot episode of series «Z Nation»

The review on the pilot of series Selfi

Since Elisa Duli (Karen Gillan) opened for itself social networks and smartphones, it spends all free time for an earning лайков, acquisition of friends and development of ridiculous appendices. But when the girl gets to an awkward situation and becomes a laughing-stock for colleagues on pharmaceutical firm, Elisa realizes that it is time for getting the presents, instead of virtual friends, and at the same time and to replace image from «the sexy little fool» with something reputable. Therefore she addresses for the help to the expert on marketing and branding to Henry Higenbottama (John Cho) who hates Facebook and which thinks that knows how to correct Figs though «in real» even less it itself communicates.

Shot from series "Selfi"The review on the pilot of series Selfi


Lourdes (Martha Milans) works at the New York restaurant in a position "submit-bring". All around address with it as with dirt, and Lourdes it suffers – it arrived from the poor country and she needs to earn the decent sum on operation for the dying son. But time goes, and money is not saved, so Lourdes it is necessary to go on desperate measures.


Family of monsters

In vaults of the city of Syrburg afflicted with dairy products there live small trolls, which call «коробяками» that they instead of clothes carry cardboard boxes to hide in them in case of danger. Korobyaki are charming, cowardly and harmless, but in Syrburge them consider as blood-thirsty monsters, and the city fighter of monsters Archibald Hvatson inflates prejudices in hope that when it will be quit with the trolls, grateful inhabitants will make him the aristocrat with the right of carrying of the magnificent white cylinder and tasting of the most rare cheeses. The last, however, for Hvatson is similar to death, as it has a terrible allergy to cheese. But ambitions застят to the villain of an eye, and it behind another catches one коробяк while at last to the aid монстрикам their pupil – grown in a vault 10-year-old the orphan Eggz who at all does not suspect does not come that he is a person, instead of the troll.

Shot from the animated film «Family of monsters»Family of monsters

The review on the pilot of series «From And to I»

Andrew (Ben Feldman) works as the manager at a dating site. Zelda (Christine Milioti) works the lawyer in the large company. Their offices are in the next buildings and when once they meet, between them love "spark" slips. Romantic Andrew perceives this meeting as a destiny sign, but more cynical Zelda does not believe in destiny. And correctly does. Throughout 26 series their relations can arise, blossom and collapse.

Shot from series «From And to I»The review on the pilot of series «From And to I»