Behind cigarets

The elderly owner of provincial French cafe (Deneuve) is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Business burns through, the old woman mother all the time grumbles, the beloved asks not to call it more. At the moment of Bettie’s sincere weakness tears to light, but as ill luck would have it damned cigarets do not appear near at hand. It leaves for a door, gets into the car and goes on their searches up hill and down dale.

Behind cigarets

Operator Guillaume Shiffman, besides other, removed recent "Actor" and a biopic «Gainsbourg. Love of the hooligan»

Bettie is on the threshold at all of that old age of which dreamed: the habalka-daughter does not talk to it for years, the unloved husband почил the most ridiculous death on light, and yields to cafe one losses. But it is necessary to it to run away only in desperate anywhere as events and people dear to it literally start to break in such sad, apparently, life. Transportation of the grandson in the house of the grandfather becomes the main task. Positive, good-natured and, certainly, at household level absolutely irresponsible heroine actually meets for the first time own successor, and at them, certainly, there is a conflict. To go under laws of a genre it is necessary through the half-countries …

Behind cigarets

The picture participated in the main competition of the Berlin MKF

Though the nature of screen trips behind happiness is deeply international, to watch acquaintances even on a new Russian wave motives on another’s soil extremely interestingly, after all what province, such and happiness. As the citizen of the Fifth republic Bettie escapes from itself against toy lodges and bucolic meadows and when her opposite spoiled grandson will take in head to be lost, during the his life and health you worry in the last turn.

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