Disgusting I 2

Having adopted three orphans, supervillain Gryu finished criminal life. Now he lives as the honest person, arranges children’s holidays and cooks jam. Suddenly he is kidnapped by the agent of Anti-rascally league Lucy Wilde. Its organization looks for the criminal who has stolen dangerous serum mutagen, and boss Lucy decides that the villain who has departed from affairs can help with searches. Грю unwillingly agrees and together with Lucy opens a little shop in hypermarket where the police lost a serum track.

Shot from the animated film «Disgusting I 2»Disgusting I 2

Kristen Uig, the sounded Lucy Wilde, in the first picture played harmful Ms. Hattie, директоршу an orphanage

Since the Pixar studio drew the first full-length computer animated film «History of toys», animators of many countries joined in competition to the American programmers. However until recently "foreigners" could not compete seriously to animators from the USA. Only in 2010 the French studio Mac Guff together with the American production company Illumination Entertainment drew the computer animated film «Disgusting I» which was made even on graphics, on humour and on rolling collecting to the Hollywood production. Now in hire there is its sequel. Whether Frenchmen reached level of the first hit?

Shot from the animated film «Disgusting I 2»Disgusting I 2

Before being switched to creation of animated films, Mac Gaff drew effects for the French tapes like "Dobermann terrier" and "Vidok"

Yes, reached. However, «Disgusting I 2» – not absolutely same animated film what was his predecessor. In the first picture of Gryu was the villain who tried to steal the Moon, created small and large dirty tricks and maintained children. Now Gryu – the kind and careful hero who bears arms only for self-defense. So do not wait from a sequel of "impudent" tricks it seems «for Gryu freezes turn to buy coffee». Also do not count on the new comedy fantastic fighter. An action in «Disgusting I 2» much less, than in the first tape. After all if in 2010 Gryu all film was at war with the competitor, he up to the ending tries to find and convict the criminal of a sequel. The culmination of a picture turned out though large-scale, but crumpled. It obviously should be made longer and more effectively.

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