Review of a pilot episode of series «Z Nation»

Three years later after emergence of the first cases of the zombie infection the civilization fell – units which got off in small groups survived only, but did not think up, for the sake of what to them to live further. But the mankind still has a hope – one of samples of an experimental vaccine, seemingly, worked, and the experimental convict to whom it entered, after stings of a horde of the zombie survived. Now it is necessary to deliver it to California, in the center for control of epidemics, but for this purpose the group of men of courage should pass through all country.

Shot from series «Z Nation»Review of a pilot episode of series «Z Nation»

So it was moved, what the ordinary viewer pays attention to names of the manufacturing companies of films far not first of all – yes, there are exceptional cases like "Disney" or Pixar, but unless films Columbia Pictures have any obvious qualitative differences from creations, say, Paramount? Nevertheless the Asylum company name at many very famous – and all because at this studio rivet amazing, outstanding slag, mimikriruyushchy under known film hits. Less than ten years Asylum was required successfully to be dug round in the market of a home video, now their ambitions were thrown on television – and its conquest of Asylum started on the usual strategy.

Shot from series «Z Nation»Review of a pilot episode of series «Z Nation»

«Z nation» is «Walking dead persons» for those who complained that in «Walking dead persons» there are too much "snivels" and "moaning", but it is not enough action. Firing and bustle here begin from first minutes, and throughout a pilot series heroes will manage to kill so many zombie, how many heroes of a telehit from AMC not always manage to "cut" for other season. And, as if hurrying up to lay out on a table as much as possible cards, authors of «Z Nation» will throw out on us not only the zombie children, but also the zombie baby (ardent hello to "Live carrion» Peter Jackson).

Shot from series «Z Nation»Review of a pilot episode of series «Z Nation»

Already rub hands in an anticipation of a fascinating show? Do not hurry up, the same Asylum! Yes, if to compare two zombies series it is exclusive in respect of speed and action density, «Z Nation» will come out from this competition by the winner, but in all the rest the series with relish get into a mess. And speech not only about musty to a secondariness plowing (practically it is easy to all characters of "Nation" to find analogs in «Walking dead persons», and the subject line with the person who can stop epidemic and which it is necessary to deliver somewhere at any cost, just debuted in series AMC in last season), but also about everything that divides amateur bezbyudzhetny shootings on a backyard and professional studio projects.

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