Review of series «Electee: Season 1»

Once in the morning lawyer Yen Mitchell (Maylo Ventimilya) finds at itself under a door a box in which the gun and the photo any not the man known to it with the signature lie that he should die in three days. Yens causes police, but the dress shows amazing indifference to that he tells, and the inspector hints the man that «time ask – it is necessary to make», and at all does not take away the gun. Soon it becomes clear that Yens got to the certain global "game" which participants kill to whom by it will point. Organizers have people everywhere and if someone refuses to "play", they will recoup on his relatives.

Shot from series "Electee"Review of series «Electee: Season 1»

Mail of Ventimilya acted as one of producers of series

If about service of hire of Netflix all heard more or less, Crackle, in Russia useless (the site reports that from your region to look at us there is nothing), yet very famous. That can change already soon because Crackle, as well as Netflix, undertook production of own content. One of the loudest premieres of service – web series "Electee", he consists only from six 22-minute episodes (in fact, simply one film at two o’clock with a tail), but next year should receive continuation.

Shot from series "Electee"Review of series «Electee: Season 1»

The outset of series is not especially original (first of all on mind David Ffincher’s "Game" and Richard Kelly’s "Parcel" come), however authors quickly take occasion by the forelock. Need to divide the finished shooting material on six equivalent slices, each of which should intrigue and cling, leads to that "Electee" is extremely dynamic and appreciates every minute. Probably, therefore saggings happen only in final series when the plot leaves a path of the "paranoid" thriller constructed on a suspense in which behind each corner danger can disappear, and taxis on rails of more rectilinear action.

Shot from "Izbranna’s" seriesReview of series «Electee: Season 1»

In many respects the series keep on Maylo Ventimilye, the actor of big charisma, which is equally convincing as in silly comedies (look at it in Adam Sandler’s last opuses), and in serious drama roles. In "Electee" it ideally gets to an image – the succeeding, a little arrogant yuppie which self-confidence in a flash falls, as if a house of cards. On the one hand, in it it is not felt desires of authors to "move to pity" the viewer, and with another – Yens it is rather charming and enterprising to "support" it on all extent of series.

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