The review on the pilot of series «From And to I»

Andrew (Ben Feldman) works as the manager at a dating site. Zelda (Christine Milioti) works the lawyer in the large company. Their offices are in the next buildings and when once they meet, between them love "spark" slips. Romantic Andrew perceives this meeting as a destiny sign, but more cynical Zelda does not believe in destiny. And correctly does. Throughout 26 series their relations can arise, blossom and collapse.

Shot from series «From And to I»The review on the pilot of series «From And to I»

The founder «From And to I» Ben Kuinn was the screenwriter piksarovsky «Wheelbarrows 2» – the weak tape of studio most syuzhetno

Almost in all sitcoms there are romantiko-comedy subject lines, but recently something the comic shows which have been completely concentrated to the relations of two protagonists in flocks went. «You are most worse», "Selfi" … And now also «From And to I» which, apparently, is inspired by the known comedy melodrama «500 days of summer». Because new show of the NBC channel in the introduction promises that heroes by the end of a season will leave and that the series will track all stages of their novel – from happy origin to the sad ending. Though, of course, not the fact that on it Andrew and Zelda’s relations will come to the end. If series will prolong for a season, to heroes, possibly, it is necessary to meet again and again to disperse, while the audience will not be tired of their dance.

Shot from series «From And to I»The review on the pilot of series «From And to I»

Christine Milioti has no film awards, but there is "Grammy" for singing in the musical "Once" created on the basis of the Irish musical tape with the same name of 2007

From the very beginning it is possible to tell that it is not too successful idea. Romkoma and so do not differ subject originality, and here show in a pilot series almost does not paint, when and that in series happens. Besides, romantic comedies usually look for the sake of history how heroes, despite all obstacles, nevertheless appear together. And it is somehow strange to look throughout 26 series how the novel is impossible to Andrew and Zelda. More precisely, it turns out, but for a while. We thought that for a depression make up in absolutely other shows …

Shot from series «From And to I»The review on the pilot of series «From And to I»

On the other hand, «500 days of summer» also it is similar built "Annie Hall" – the well-known romantic pictures and not the worst samples for imitation. Certainly, the cinema and TV – different things (that is good for the one and a half hour film, not necessarily is suitable for a season of eight hours), but that worked in one type of screen art, can work and in other. And it is besides possible that the offscreen voice of series (Katie Sagal from «Are married and with children» and "Futurama") fools the audience and that the season will end not so or not absolutely how the storyteller promises. Though usually offscreen voices do not say lies to public.

Shot from series «From And to I»The review on the pilot of series «From And to I»

But it is enough about a plot – plots for romantic comedies are not too important. Where it is more important characters, with which at «From And to I» too fifty-fifty. On the one hand, Feldman from «To death beautiful» and Milioti from «As I met your mother» (we will remind, she is that mother!) – the most charming pair, and to their heroes sincerely you wish good luck. On the other hand, for Andrew and Zeld’s long-playing comedy show any too correct and fresh, and not only against "trolls" from «You are most worse». Even touching plush fatties from «A vest and Mollie» in comparison with Andrew and Zelda seem toothy sharks. Comedies do not suffer ideal characters, and this pair for two can show only that overage Andrew still dreams of «a flying board» from «Back in the future 2» (by the way, thanks to authors of show for камео Lea Thompson as itself though we and so her all the time we see in «Them mixed in maternity hospital»!) . Though they still have time to get amusing shortcomings at the expense of which there live sitcoms and ромкомы.

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