To finish history

Nathan Flomm, the minority shareholder of the automobile company, gives a hostile reception to creative idea of the leading partner and in a temper leaves without chances of return. At the same time the project rejected by it does revolution in society and brings the companies billions, and Flomm becomes a public laughing-stock and a synonym of the loser. Impossibility of further employment in the big city and the neighbourhood with the enemy force it to be removed to the province, to change appearance and to earn on life care of the aged lady. And here after all ill luck: ten years later after the conflict in the district there is his grown rich offender who has conceived отгрохать the magnificent estate on an ocean coast. In Nathan’s plans – to blow up this new building to devils dog, and for a start to break the bastard, having tempted his wife.

To finish history

By cash desk: To finish history
Liv Schreiber, played in the film one of roles, it is not specified in a caption because he stars in series "Ray Donovan" which show the Showtime channel – the competitor of HBO for whom it was removed «To finish history»

Larry David who has acted in this television film including the coauthor of the scenario and the producer (that is actually the ideologist of the project), the comedian terse – aspiring to resemble on Woody Allen and Robin Williams at the same time, it loses identity and tires with monotony of execution. Especially in view of that fact that the numerous stars declared in roles, speak as though at pickup and own screen identity this time practically do not possess. Thus David is apparently adjusted efficiently and stays in full confidence that the next history about the Jew humiliated, offended and desperately reflexing aloud in a condition to make laugh the viewer to tears.

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