Be afraid of nothing

To the small town there comes the new pastor with the family. First it seems that this best place on light – with it allocate the fine house, citizens are kind and attentive to their needs. But one of daughters of the pastor feels that with this place something not so – as if them prepare for something terrible.

Be afraid of nothing

The oldest daughter of the pastor initially should play Will Holland, exchanged shootings here on series "Arrow"

Such horrors as «Be afraid of nothing», are thought out from the ending – the entertaining idea for an outcome (as it seems, inspired «At first is born a hut in the wood»), and already then to it the film "is finished". And it is well visible – the whole first hour on the screen does not occur anything interesting. While more talented directors and screenwriters use an "introductory" part of the film to open the characters, authors «Be afraid of nothing» are engaged in that in common people is called «to pour water». That is heroes wander on the small town, talk to different people, try to catch on itself strange eye, and from time to time action (Clancy Brown) and his young pupil which exchange significant remarks of type is switched to the last pastor: «Do not forget, you should make it when time will come!» – «Really there is no other way?» – «Is not present, it is the only thing to do!»

Be afraid of nothing

For the Slash it is the first experience of producing of full-length cinema – though year before it спродюсировал one short film

Understanding that hour similar «hints on something bigger» will be not not taken out even by the most rested fans of a genre, the director stuffs then, there small episodes with nightmares in which – besides in traditions of "B" – horrors the-senior daughter of the pastor (Rebeka Brendes) sees any terrible figures and monsters in a human appearance. For the sake of what the film also was started, begins only in final half an hour, and expectation hardly that costed: on the one hand, it is laudable that nobody stands on ceremony with heroes (victims will be much!), with another – characters for some reason sharply grow stupid. Up to that, leaving from the demon pursuing them, stop the car (!), leave it (!) and begin far-fetched dismantlings (!), which it is absolute with the same success it would be possible to conduct and under way, unostentatiously utaplivy pedal of gas in a floor.

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