Everything, except love

To Ben (Josh Lawson) only 27, and it already at world top – his talent of the advertiser is in great demand, and Ben uses it, jumping from one firm in another. Ben has no problems with the fair sex and with money so to worry, it seems, there is nothing, but the meeting with the classmate Alex (Rachael Taylor) who has devoted to work for the benefit of the world, sets it thinking on, whether correct he chose a way.

Everything, except love

One of the central roles in a picture (the Russian tennis-player from whom at Ben the love story is begun) is played by Lilia Mae – the Ukrainian actress who is acting in film on either side of the ocean

«Everything, except love» is similar to a charming kitten who rolls before you on a back, having stretched pads, – it seems, and эка невидаль, and I pound that from a goat of milk, and is obviously substituted, and in general affairs full, there is no time to potter, and thus look and be touched. And if in the right frame of mind will get, that, you look, still you will photograph and in инстаграм you will lay out – look, what charm! There is no fresh thought, and that are borrowed at others, are issued without a hint on originality, but thus the picture really infectiously голубоглаза and is smiling – that your advertiser, professionally pushing to you a thing for which you of own will never in life would spend two hours of the time.

Everything, except love

The film is shot by the Working Dog company known first of all for that thought up a format of an entertaining TV show «Thank God, you came». Director Rob Sitch – one of her founders

Similar stories about reassessment of the life from (seemingly) successful men we saw much, and «Everything, except love» goes a beaten path. On a class reunion Ben sees, how the youth inertly reacts to his achievements, thus that Alex students almost do not idolize, and starts to reflect on the life. Friends try to support it, but until then when Ben will understand that will change nothing, while he will not want it, will pass a lot of time, and in passing it will find the true love in the person Alex. However, authors do not hurry up anywhere and honest try to outline characters, but as a result the film is stretched till kind two o’clock – for ромкома with so obvious plot it definitely a bit too much.

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