In a cage

Carol – the doctor, together with the two colleagues she leaves Yugoslavia where was in structure of humanitarian expedition. However on a way to border them stop and the armed people take prisoner. That it is necessary for them, they do not speak, but to combine two and two it is not too difficult – most likely, Carol and her friends want to "disassemble" on bodies.

In a cage

Ari Elmalekh who has played one of three kidnapped doctors, Samira, – the brother of the known French actor of the Reptile of Elmalekh

The victor of a festival of "terrible" cinema of Screamfest of 2010, «In a cage» took five awards – for the best film, direction, camerawork, installation and a female role. Many of these prizes are absolutely deserved – so, this French thriller really fine, the picture juicy and stylish, all as at big looks. There are no claims and to the leading actress – Zoe Felix perfectly won back the ordinary woman whom circumstances compel to change in the furious fury smeared with another’s blood. Obviously knows that does, and the director – for Yann Gozlan is the debut full-length project, but on the screen is not felt uncertainty or the fussy redundancy peculiar to beginners.

In a cage

In France the film left only in limited hire and started only from the 16th line boxing office

But nevertheless «In a cage» – cinema absolutely through passage and ordinary, playing a familiar field in familiar game according to the familiar scenario with a familiar outcome. At first heroes will long sit in cages, шугаясь each visit of the plenitel (exchanging words on a terrible Slavic adverb!), then one of the unfortunate will dismember, then time of rigid reciprocal actions will come – to survive, the heroine should even drown someone in a blood pool. Everything, as usual, very naturalistically, but without revelations – the discomfort is reached not by that show on the screen, and that, on what hint.

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