Metallica: Through impossible

The Metallica group suits a concert in one of the American megalopolises. While musicians appear on stage, one of organizers of a concert sends young intern Trip (Deyn Dekhaan) behind a certain thing which is required at the end of performance. Trip unwillingly goes to the address specified by the chief and adheres to bloody slaughter between police and anarchists.

Metallica: Through impossible

«Through impossible» is a title of one of songs from a superhit fifth album of group which left in 1991 and Metallica was called

Miley Cyrus, Katie Perry, brothers Jonas, One Direction, Metallica … Metallica?! Yes, Metallica. Who told, what the film concerts which have been removed in 3D, is an entertainment young popsachy? One of the first such films was removed at U2 concert. And that is good for Bono, Ej and their colleagues, is suitable and for Hetfild and Ulrich’s group which a quarter of the century more got rid of teenage maximalism in the spirit of back: «The real metalworkers do not shoot clips for MTV!» Remove, remove. Still as remove. Both clips, and concert films, and TV show. If there is a budget, the interested studio and potential audience – why not to remove? To admirers – a gift, and to musicians – money for a long-awaited gilded statue of a shark at the pool (remember a series of "South park" illegal downloading and Ulrich’s sufferings?).

Metallica: Through impossible

To advertize the film, Metallica at the beginning of summer of this year made a speech at a musical festival in Detroit under the pseudonym Dehaan, taken in honor of the performer of a role Trip

Another thing is that «Through impossible» it is absolutely not similar to the recent film concert One Direction. Legends of trash metal do not go shopping, do not play the fool in hotel rooms, do not kiss parents (they for a long time parents), do not conduct heart-to-heart talks at a fire and do not banter at all the friend at the friend behind the scenes. They not riff-raff. They are gods of music. At least, in the opinion of the Hungarian director Nimrod Antala ("Predators"). Therefore in its film Metallica only appears on stage and only cuts metal. Secret squabbles, drug addiction and alcoholism – all this remained in a frank documentary tape of 2004 of Some Kind of Monster telling about creation of an album St. Anger. In «Through impossible» the fighting four appears as harmonious, irreproachable car – musical "Mercedes" if want. An hour and a half they rush about on a scene from all directions surrounded with raging fans, and in the middle of pyrotechnic explosions, huge video screens and impressive installations (like a scintillating electric chair lowered from the ceiling) execute the hits checked by time from the first albums and a two-three of the best songs from the last releases. Enter Sandman, Master of Puppets, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Ride the Lightning, Nothing Else Matters – if you know Metallica music, you can predict, what songs will hear in a picture, without looking in a playlist of a disk with a soundtrack. Antal’s chambers thus curl round musicians and look them in eyes that the audience saw: when Metallica on a scene, in their hearts is not present anything, except ecstasy falls of a sound which they bring down on listeners.

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