Pacific boundary

Having turned a cleft at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean into pass between measurements, inhabitants of the parallel world send to Earth of the huge monsters which have received the name "kaydzyu". To protect a planet, the terrestrial governments construct huge robots. First fighting vehicles successfully constrain monsters, but then newcomers start to mutate promptly. The more often robots lose battles, the more strongly the authorities are disappointed in them. At last, the project is turned off – on condition that the last four robots (American, Australian, Chinese and Russian) and their pilots will gather in Hong Kong and will give кайдзю the last battle.

Pacific boundary

Before for a role of the commander Idris Elba was taken, producers hoped that war with кайдзю will be headed by Tom Cruise

When Japanese began the Second World War, they believed that the samurai spirit can overcome everything. They were mistaken. To the American aircraft carriers and the Soviet tanks was to spit on how Samurais smell. When defeat in war became inevitable, Japanese artists of comics thought up the "scientific" weapon of punishment – a huge fighting vehicle which simply would crush enemies. So there was a genre «huge robots», after war become the card of a Japanese masscult. Over time east giants had admirers worldwide, and in 70 years after the first "huge" comic strip the Warner studio gave out Guillermo del Toro of nearly 200 million dollars on the fantastic blockbuster inspired by "big robots» as a whole and a cartoon serial «Evangelion of new generation» in particular.

Pacific boundary

In total it was thought up 40 different кайдзю. Then del Toro selected for use in the film 9 of the most terrible and unusual

The Mexican director promised the admirers epic «рубилово», and he did not deceive. Huge robots, the huge monsters scattering to pieces skyscrapers … Grandiose battles in which the plausible computer graphics and the most powerful sound effects merge. Recently we saw something similar in "Transformers", but "Boundary" on an order more abruptly than Michael Baye’s films. It is possible to carp only to that in final battle in which some fighting vehicles and кайдзю participate, sometimes it is difficult to understand, who with whom fights (you be damned, the twilight!). Also disappointingly that Russian pilots look as idiots and that at them very little screen time. It not that case when the minus on a minus gives plus.

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