Review of series «Electee: Season 2»

On the family which has survived at the end of the first season Mitchellov hunting is declared, but Yens (Maylo Ventimilya) is sure that can save native from death. It finds the car on which it cannot be traced, and takes away the wife and the daughter in the woods. Meanwhile we get acquainted with the new participant of Game – his name is Jacob (Chad Michael Murray), he works as the barman, cares of the younger disabled brother, and to it eventually will send a box with the requirement to do Mitchellov in.

Shot from series "Electee"Review of series «Electee: Season 2»

The first season of "Electee" appeared a small pleasant surprise for judges of paranoid thrillers in the spirit of "Game" and «The plot theory», but continuation from all directions was imposed with a rake, to attack which was as easy as shelling pears. To continue history Mitchellov? There is a risk to turn in the rectilinear fighter «on us attack – we shoot». To switch a plot to new heroes? Means, it is necessary to do, in fact, a remake of the first season – misunderstanding that occurs, attempts to understand with the natural ending …

Shot from series "Electee"Review of series «Electee: Season 2»

Authors of "Electee" got out, having combined these two approaches. In the center of a new season Jacob, his brother and the nurse who has adjoined them (well as to the hero without the true companion?), but somewhere on the periphery still loom Mitchella at which the problems – besides that the death follows them on heels, the daughter saw, how mother with the father cruelly killed the person, and it seriously affected her relation to them. Lines only in the ending meet, and by this moment authors reach powerful effect when you do not know for whom to "be ill". Mitchella – old acquaintances, and at them such charming daughter. With Jacob for this season we were in time сродниться, plus of his brother hold on a front sight and that happens to those who does not manage to carry out a task in time, to us will demonstrate (камео from one of heroes of the first season – that fellow with the sister in hostages which tried to kill Yen, but could not).

Shot from series "Electee"Review of series «Electee: Season 2»

If "Electee" was the Hollywood film distributing film, Yens and Jacob would find a way to get out of a situation and in its final shots would sit all together somewhere in tropical paradise, sipping "martini" in the Hawaiian shirts. But "Electee" – the web series made by request of an online cinema of Crackle, so, for any maleficiated corners do not wait, the outcome will be rigid and uncompromising.

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