Review of series «Sherlock: Season 2»

In the second season of adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Kamberbetch) and doctor Watson (Martin Freeman) the London detectives untangle case of blackmail of the British royal family elite sadomasochism (Lahr Pulver’s) prostitute Irene Adler, solve secret of a dog from the confidential military Baskervil base and again face face to face Holmes’s sworn enemy, «the adviser of criminals» Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott).

Shot from series "Sherlock"Review of series «Sherlock: Season 2»

Though "Sherlock’s" action mainly develops in London, the series generally act in film in Cardiff, the capital of Wales

The premiere in 2010 of the first season of the British series "Sherlock" became an event of a world scale. Thanks to the Internet the audience and spectators (especially spectators!) all planet fell in love in Kamberbetcha and Freeman, the characters who have tried on modernized images Conan Doyle and investigating creatively processed crimes, there is no time thought up by the father of a modern literary detective. On founders of series Mark Gatisse and Stephen Moffat, known outside of England on work on a cycle «the Doctor Who», lay huge responsibility, and they did not drop honor of native BBC. Their "Sherlock" turned out fascinating, excentric, unpredictable (despite use of known plots), witty and shot almost that at level art film. Actually, for his many admirers "Sherlock" – stronger work, than left year before Guy Richie’s blockbuster "Sherlock Holmes" with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.

Shot from series "Sherlock"Review of series «Sherlock: Season 2»

Mark Gatiss not only is a producer of "Sherlock" and writes for it scenarios, but also and Maykrofta Holmes, the brother of the protagonist plays a role

The second season of show fans waited, we will not be afraid this comparison as the second coming of the Christ, and all were very upset with that expectation was tightened. Certainly, the British television is not the American TV channels where a standard format – 20 + series in year, but to let out three one and a half hour series of times in one and a half-two years is a sadism. Especially for show with "kliffkhenger". If in time between the beginning of a dramatic scene and its end it is possible to conceive, give birth to the child and to teach it to murmur, dramatic nature of an episode, to put it mildly, is greased. On the other hand, three strong and powerful series are better, than twenty episodes of a thin squash. Especially presently, when we are overflowed literally by information stream and we should be broken off between a set of cool series.

Shot from series "Sherlock"Review of series «Sherlock: Season 2»

Fortunately, expectation appeared not vain. "Sherlock’s" second season turned out more strongly than the first, because this time the most known were put in a basis of scenarios (and as it is considered, the best) works Conan Doyle:« Scandal in Bohemia», "The Hound of the Baskervilles" and «Holmes’s last business». If at the beginning of the XX century Holmes was most interesting, when studied sigarny ashes and did thoughtful conclusions, presently when criminalistic shows on TV as dogs nerezany, "Sherlock" looks best of all when the header hero wages smart intellectual wars with almost so strong opponents. In "Sherlock’s" second season of such series two, first and third, and they obviously win both against predecessors from the first season, and against the "baskervilsky" friend. However, at such succession of events doctor Watson inevitably fades into the background, and it, perhaps, the main shortcoming both "Sherlock’s" second season, and series as a whole. His Watson – obviously minor character. Unlike Watson from the Soviet series and from Joan Watson from American it is elementary". Not that that to Freeman could not be played and there is nothing to do, but hero Kamberbetcha so surpasses Watson in every respect, except ability to communicate with people that they seem not workmates, and the genius and the servants. Yes, it is all the same successful "Sherlock Holmes", but nevertheless not ideal "Sherlock Holmes".

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