Bears neighbors

Far in the wood alone there lives woodcutter Vick. Above all he likes to cut trees and consequently it is hated by the bears Brayar and Brambl considering as defenders of the wood. Once Vick goes to the wood with a new petrolsaw, bears try to prevent it, and in turmoil the woodcutter carries away home not a case from a saw, and a suitcase which in accident was lost by bandits passing on the wood road. When Vick opens a suitcase, he finds there the one-year-old Lola kidnapped by criminals because she is the only heir of a big condition. The woodcutter, however, does not know, who such Lola. For it it – only the baby who needs care. While Vick learns to change diapers and to feed from a small bottle, bandits ransack after the district in search of Lola, and bears try to learn that the sworn enemy plans them.

Shot from the animated film "Bears neighbors"Bears neighbors

In the Russian version of the film of bears Timur Batrutdinov, and woodcutter Vick – Dmitry Khrustalyov sounded. Both of them – KVN and Comedy club broadcast stars

In each country the мультхиты. At us it is films about athletes, in America – blockbusters Pixar, Disney and DreamWorks, and in China it, for example, the three-dimensional computer animated film "Bears neighbors" which based on the cartoon serial with the same name and has perfectly passed in national hire. Yes, eyes did not bring you. Though anybody in "Bears" has no Chinese names (the cycle is created at once in two versions, Chinese and English, and the foreign audience can see only option with English names), it is especially Chinese, instead of a joint picture. And the attentive viewer easily will define it, having paid attention that in kitchen at Vick is characteristic the Chinese flat dishes and a frying pan-vok. Besides, all characters people have persons rather Far East, than American or European.

Shot from the animated film "Bears neighbors"Bears neighbors

So, Chinese animation film. Than it is remarkable? First it seems that especially anything. The picture begins quite chamber and makes impression that heroes all film will rush one after another round an izba of the woodcutter and in next to a scaffold. Agree, such picture quickly would bother the audience.

Shot from the animated film "Bears neighbors"Bears neighbors

"Bears neighbors" collected in the Chinese hire of 40 million dollars. It is a record in the history of the Chinese animated films. The previous record was established in 2012, and it made only 25 million dollars

However while you decide that the tape will precisely spend all screen time for foolish jokes about change of diapers and with ridiculous podskazyvaniye and falling in three people around an izba pines, "Bears" suddenly "reveal". Vick appears the brilliant inventor who constructs from the bicycle the helicopter on foot draft, and it dashingly rolls Lola in clouds while bears who have temporarily made friends with the woodcutter soar nearby on a hang-glider. In turn, the boss of unlucky thieves sends for the girl of members of spetsnaz with jet satchels. And the comedy навроде «Three men and the baby in a cradle» turns in almost Bond scope the comedy fighter with air pursuits, vigorous firefights, storm of protected plant, opening of the huge safe and other abrupt adventures which in any way you do not wait from a picture about two bears and the woodcutter. Who knew that this woodcutter more abruptly than Bruce Willis!

Shot from мульфильма "Bears neighbors"Bears neighbors

However, all this does not turn "Bears" into the family cinema which is equally interesting by the adult and children. For the audience with an experience the picture is amusing, but is not entertaining, and graphics at it expressive, but budgetary, not a couple to magnificent American animated films. Perhaps, the main trouble of "Bears" that anybody from heroes does not cause big sympathy because anybody from them does not differ a dushevnost. But prikolnost at them the sea, and small children can quite make laugh their cheerful feats. The picture and that does not stop is good for a second it is important, when the film tries to hold in chairs of tiny fidgets.

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