Easy money. Stockholm нуар

Having left prison after an otsidka for drug trafficking, Johan (Joel Kinnaman) realizes that his plans to begin honest life ruined. Therefore he together with the former enemy Mrado (Dragomir Mrsich) decides to steal "common fund" of the Serbian mafiosi in Stockholm. Meanwhile smuggler Jorge (Mathias Padin Varela) will organize delivery to Sweden of drugs on 10 million euros, and Arab Mahmoud (Fares Fares) convulsively tries to find money to pay mafias a huge duty.

Easy money. Stockholm нуар

Though Kinnaman was born in Sweden, in his veins the Swedish blood does not flow. On the father he is American, and on mother – the Jew

From Greta Garbo to Numi Rapas – Sweden always delivered to Hollywood of the movie stars. The last today export "Carlson" – the native of Stockholm Joel Kinnaman whom we in 2014 will see in a title role in a remake of "Robocop". In States it was already lit in "Phantom" and in «Give, good-bye!» and also in series "Murder" (a detective Holder is meanwhile Kinnaman’s best role anywhere). In the homeland the actor became famous thanks to the criminal drama of 2010 "Easy money" where Kinnaman played the guy from a poor family which drives a taxi, carries drugs and gets into mafia dismantlings then to show off in the face of well-founded fellow students from economics department. To measures of genre cinema "Money" were very successful statement – fascinating, many-sided and drawing satirical parallels between the Swedish bankers and foreign gangsters. And as the film also decently earned, its sequel should be removed from the commercial point of view surely.

Easy money. Stockholm нуар

Before starting to act in film, Dragomir Mrsich stayed three and a half years for a bank robbery

From the art point of view, however, in shootings of continuation it be no point. After all it was cinema about masks which are carried by the people, trying to combine honest and criminal life. In the tape ending all masks were broken, and the plot on it came to the end. Forcemeat cannot be turned back, and the inveterate criminal cannot turn into the naive guy whom Kinnaman’s hero was at the beginning of "Money".

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