Review of series «Hannibal: Season 1»

The agent of FBI Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) possesses unique gift. He so well understands and feels people that, having come to a crime scene, can put itself to the place of the murderer and learn, how the villain acted and that he thus felt. Immersion in consciousness of maniacs hard affects its mentality, but the senior agent Jack Crawford (Lawrence Fishburne) continues to involve Graham in investigation of the most cruel crimes. During operation against the maniac killing senior pupils, FBI involves as the adviser of psychiatrist Hannibal Lekter (Mads Mikkelsen) who soon becomes Graham and Crawford’s constant assistant. Inspectors at all do not suspect that work with the cool and prudent cannibal.

Shot from series "Hannibal"Review of series «Hannibal: Season 1»

Thinking out Hannibal Lekter, Thomas Harris presented to it the love to cooking. The writer has the French culinary diploma

Than the protagonist of «Silence of lambs» is unique? That it is mortally dangerous though sits in the loner chamber under continuous supervision. It is so clever, inventive and ruthless that conversation with it is more terrible than firefight with the ordinary criminal. It is the excellent concept both for the film, and for series. Brian Fuller, however, decided to reserve it for "Hannibal’s" late seasons, the televersion of adventures of the hero of books of Thomas Harris. An impudent course – after all Fuller’s any series («Dead as I», «Dead poste restante») did not live more long than two seasons. And, judging by "Hannibal’s" ratings, it will not interrupt this tradition (series prolonged for the second season, but it was very unevident decision).

Shot from series "Hannibal"Review of series «Hannibal: Season 1»

"Hannibal’s" pilot series British David Sleyd, the director of "Sugar candy", «30 days of night» and «put Twilight. Saga. Eclipse»

However, we will not guess. Let’s better look narrowly at the first season in which Lekter fools FBI, and screenwriters exercise the wit in inventing zashkalivayushche sophisticated murders in comparison with which an atrocity of maniacs from series «To think as the criminal» seem childish pranks. Unfortunately, investigation of crimes in "Hannibal" is constantly pushed aside aside by Lekter’s secret games with Graham. These games make series basis, but they are not so dramatic, as could be, because the detective at all does not suspect that the colleague, the doctor and the friend digs to it a hole and slowly dements it. The basis of the drama is the conflict. And where here conflict? Where opposition? With the same success Fuller could show, how Lekter of 13 series in a row bangs Graham on the head a baseball bat. Yes, manipulations of the maniac are entertaining, because they are smart. But war is always more interesting than punishment.

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