Review of series «Wilfred: Season 3»

Since the jobless lawyer Ryan (Elaydzha Wood) not getting out of a depression and abusing "grass", swallowed tablets to commit suicide, he sees Wilfred’s neighbour’s dog as the man in a dog suit and with the Australian accent (Jason Gunn). All other people, including the mistress of a dog Jenna (Fiona Gubelmann), perceive Wilfred as an ordinary pet, and Ryan first considers that speaking человекопес – manifestation of its psychosis caused by overdose. However over time he realizes that its "glitch" has the second bottom and that Wilfred appeared in life of a family of Ryan how the guy did not die nearly.

Shot from series "Wilfred"Review of series «Wilfred: Season 3»

Founders of series describe Wilfred as «a hybrid of the Labrador with Rassell Crowe who has gone to hard drinking»

If you think that "Wilfred" – too freakish sitcom to be born on the American television, you are absolutely right. This absurdist tragicomedy was born in Australia, held on on the screen two seasons, received some national awards (including three awards of the Australian film academy) and got a remake on the American cable FX channel, having presented antipodes of the coauthor of series and the performer of a title role Jason Hannah. For this reason the American Wilfred speaks as the Australian though it in any way syuzhetno is not proved.

Shot from series "Wilfred"Review of series «Wilfred: Season 3»

Though Jason Gunn plays a dog, in real life he prefers cats. It even is "person" of the charitable organization rescuing vagrant cats

When we tell "Elaydzha Vud", we think "Frodo Beggins". However Wood was not born for roles of heroic saviors of the world, and "Wilfred" for it – much more organic material. Lonely, hypochondriac, nervous, cowardly, lazy and depressive, but nevertheless the charming hero with a children’s face – Wood’s character became for unruly, enterprising and artful Wilfred the best "contrast" partner, than Adam, the protagonist of the Australian series performed by Adam Zvar was him. In general, perfected American "Wilfred" surpasses inventive, but the negligent and crude original. And consequently it is quite fair that «Wilfred 2.0» held on on the screen twice more long, than «Wilfred 1.0» (after completion of translation of the third season producers declared that the preparing fourth season becomes for show by the last).

Shot from series "Wilfred"Review of series «Wilfred: Season 3»

Why "Wilfred" take off the air? First, its ratings fall. Secondly, in the third season the plot marked time. The matter is that at the heart of the "Wilfred" is an ironic psychotherapy course for the character who unites everything "are showered" present young Americans from middle class, from addiction to soft drugs to confidence that the unique decent work is a service to society in the charitable organization. Wilfred involves Ryan in absurd alterations, Ryan takes from them everyday lessons (sometimes very cynical) and spiritually grows, and the audience enjoys unusual, witty and frank jokes with a philosophical shade and, maybe, finds in misadventures of heroes something useful to itself. In the third season, however, Ryan if developed, tiny short steps and in not the most interesting direction. If in the second season it had a girl and work, in the third season it, having lost both that and another, again, as well as at the beginning of show, sat with Wilfred in a cellar, hammered "jambs" and worried because of the tense relations with the imperious father and because of meek attachment to already married neigbour. By the season end screenwriters these subjects, apparently, "finished", but they spent for them too much time which could be used for disclosure of new subjects.

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