Men on the verge of

Old friends meet after long-term separation and find out that at one problem with money, and at another – with health. The man who has left a family tries to return to the former wife. The husband cuckold tells to the resort acquaintance about how watches the traitress. The married clerk who has recently become the father, invites the grown thin and got prettier colleague to appointment. Two women let out family secrets to friends of the husbands.

Men on the verge of

The Spanish name of the film is literally translated «The gun in each hand». It is a saying which means «All under control»

When you reflect on the Spanish men, inevitably you remember Antonio Banderas and the word "macho". However it, certainly, false stereotype. Despite all the passionate and courageous reputation, present Spaniards from middle class – the same intelligent louts, as well as men from other developed countries. And problems at them just the same – from unemployment to impotence and from wives mistreating them to mistresses mistreating them.

Men on the verge of

The picture received four prizes "Gaudi". It is a regional award for films from the Spanish province of Catalonia

The tragicomedy of Barcelonian director Sesk Guy is devoted to it. Thirteen years ago the Catalan became famous, having shot the provocative teenage sex drama "Krampak" (in the Spanish slang this word is meant by «mutual masturbation») «. Men on the verge» – "Krampak’s" complete antithesis. Almost all characters of the film – elderly "heteros" (plus the guy more young and some women), and the sea, the sun and pleasure of life in a picture at all do not smell. It is gloomy especially colloquial statement which in short stories five short and not connected with each other tells about the different parties of man’s "luzerstvo". If not gleams of ironic humour, «Men on the verge» it would be necessary to forbid as the cinema driving in a depression. Thus jokes as in a picture are not present those. The film suggests to laugh over a nezadachlivost of characters and over freakish turns of destiny. It not humour for a mood raising, and an anesthesia for assimilation of gloomy lessons of a picture. Main of them consists that the personal happiness is difficult for finding and easily to lose. Other lessons are so obvious. "Men" do not open any America. Also they do not climb in psychological depths, preferring to float on a surface. Not ours «About what still tell it men» where heroes tried to get to the bottom of an essence and the reason of the experiences. Guy’s characters are limited to ascertainings.

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