Three in New York

Driver John (Keanu Reeves) lives in New York and earns prostitution. No, it does not serve clients. It carries on the city of prostitutes Mia (Adelaide Clemence) and Violet (Boyana Novakovich). As they work at night, in the afternoon at them there is a lot of free time which to them could not be spent. After all dirty occupation emotionally devastated them long ago …

Three in New York

Bayan Novakovich – not only the Australian and American actress, but also the translator of films from her native Serbian language

Mark Mann’s picture begins as a low budget art house about anything. The protagonist loafs on the city, fools about and thoughtfully absorbs a cake. Main characters come to the senses after "yesterday’s", abuse drugs and порют nonsense (in the very first scene they discuss how to decline an uncivilized word). Each shot, each scene of a picture exclaim: «The viewer, run from a hall! There is nothing to catch! Really you want to look at these muddy subjects – losers without charm and wit? Really you do not see, what this next pretentious cloth about existential disappointment life, for which understanding of sense enough five first minutes? Really you do not notice, what Keanu Reeves’s "role" is stretched on an hour and a half Internet meme "Sad Keanu"? Forget about this nonsense and найдти the cinema is more interesting! Everything, only not this hipstersky tediousness!»

Three in New York

Scenes in which Miya and Violet are shown John’s looking at them through a lens of the chamber eyes, acted in film Keanu Reeves, instead of the professional operator

So there passes film nearly a half. Then the protagonist abducts a video camera (yes, here such it is legislative type), main characters use it as a pretext to talk about the terrible past and the unpleasant present, in a picture the any dramatic nature arises, and starts to seem that an awning taxis from a bog on the road which conducts to the interesting ending.

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