Review of series «Sharp peaks: Season 1»

British Birmingham of the 20th years of the last century. Veterans of world war come back to the city with the most different thoughts on the future – someone picked up communistic ideas, someone does not imagine life without violence, someone dreams of tranquillity. In the family of Shelby for a long time trading in gangsterism on city streets, the new leader is shown. Thomas Shelbi is cleverer, more inventive, more cunning not only the brothers, but also competitors in the criminal world. The young man begins war for domination of the family in the city at once in several directions, without suspecting that is on a hook at the London detective of Chester Campbell …

Shot from series «Sharp peaks»Review of series «Sharp peaks: Season 1»

The real criminal gang «Sharp peaks» bossed in Birmingham since the end of the XIX century. Young members of a gang became famous for special cruelty in fights, without avoiding to use forks, buckles, knifes and razors

Left this autumn on TV screens the series «Sharp peaks» can be compared to «The underground empire», started three years ago Martin Scorsese. Well, in spite of the fact that founders of "Peaks" diligently disown from any charges of plagiarism and argue that Naki Thompson’s history in eyes did not see, parallels arise. The era, the gangster world, opposition of police and criminal families, the love line, even gamblings – connects two series a large number of similar threads. However is in them and essential distinctions. And these distinctions do these two TV shows not by rivals, and rather pleasant additions to each other.

Shot from series "Sharp peaks"Review of series «Sharp peaks: Season 1»

New Zealander Sam Nill, though has the Irish roots, was compelled to address to Liam Neeson that that would help the actor to put accent necessary for his character

The first that essentially distinguishes "Peaks" from "Empire", is a style of a narration. The season of the British series is twice shorter than the American partner, and it does not allow founders to waste the talents on trifles. We will be frank, "Empire" far not keeps attention of the viewer in each episode death grip (the beginning of the fourth season at all was an intolerable flour). British in time are limited, and therefore take occasion by the forelock on the first minutes of the pilot, setting an intrigue for all season: the weapon transported by the government almost casually gets to hands of the protagonist. Hearings about an impudent robbery disperse quickly, and the possession a similar trump allows a family of Shelby to begin clever criminal game at once in several directions. The worried horror of entrenchments of World War I of Tommie in new, peace life does not hurry up to leave the animal instincts found in fight, – it if does not declare war to all the competitors on streets of Birmingham, absolutely precisely presses on a callosity to very many authorities.

Shot from series "Sharp peaks"Review of series «Sharp peaks: Season 1»

The second essential difference consists in how authors of series present love lines. Nobody argues, series need to "be on sale" to housewives whom affairs are not present to your underground casinos or bookmaker offices, to them romanticism submit. Romanticism is present at "Peaks", but very much casually, and is thus put with improbably exact, capacious, fat dabs – there is in series both an unfortunate love, and fatal passion, and gloomy trite families. However these things far from fighting everyday life are twisted is very thin, and therefore do not cause зевоты what, happens, abuse in Atlanta.

Shot from series "Sharp peaks"Review of series «Sharp peaks: Season 1»

Not too concede to the transatlantic colleagues the British bandits in scope of fighting scenes. Heroes of "Peaks" deal with the enemy not in firefights and pursuits, and in dirty, unpleasant, cruel scenes of fights when in a course there is a checked weapon of a family of Shelby – vshity to peaks of caps the ground edges and razors with which bandits literally полосуют opponents (from here and the gang and series name). To directors of fighting scenes is where to develop, but also in that look which is shown in the first season, it looks quite brutalno.

Shot from series "Sharp peaks"Review of series «Sharp peaks: Season 1»

The only thing in what essentially concedes Birmingham to the American Atlanta, – so is scenery. At "Peaks" everything is all right with internal interiors – a bar, the house of a family of Shelby, the Chinese salon, a pier and factory, but the unique street on which action occasionally gets out, cannot be compared to that constructed for shootings of «The underground empire». Atlanta breathes time from the screen, Birmingham only occasionally constrainingly exhales aside.

Shot from series "Sharp peaks"Review of series «Sharp peaks: Season 1»

However, show are done by actors, and in "Peaks" with it there are no problems. Killian Murphy does not need representation, its environment is made by Paul Anderson, the frequenter of the British criminal statements, and Joe Cole, the young actor who is only declaring while about. Opponents of a family of Shelby became very brightly acted Charlie Krid-Miles and Sam Nill. The role of the fatal beauty was assumed by Annabell Wallice. Very powerful structure, comparable with castes of the transatlantic colleague.

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