New York the 1960th. The closed and cool employee of film laboratory Richard Kuklinski (Michael Shannon) draws attention of the boss of a mafia Swarm de Meo (Ray Liotta). "Authority" decides that Richard leaves the excellent killer, and Kuklinsky meets expectations of the boss. For the next two decades it carries out two hundred "orders" and earns the nickname Ice for love to freezing of corpses (that the police could not define death time). Thus Richard’s wife (Winona Ryder) and his children consider that their husband and the father – the successful and respectable financier who earns game in the currency market.


In prison Kuklinsky argued that killed in 1975 trade-union leader Jimmy Hoffa. Hoffa’s death (his body was not found) is considered one of the greatest criminal secrets of the USA

When the mercenary of the Italian mafia Richard Kuklinski was exposed and arrested, his history drew huge attention. Psychiatrists, criminologists, journalists, screenwriters, producers … Everything who was closely connected with studying and the underworld image, stood in a queue to communicate to the murderer who fooled two decades police, finished off magnificent number of victims without the aid of weapons of mass destruction and all this time convincingly represented the decent father of family with a cozy lodge in the suburb and an accurate lawn. At such person was to that to learn!


From all crimes which Kuklinsky made, prosecutors could "hang up" on it only five murders. He died in 2006, serving a life sentence

However not it is possible to make fascinating biopeak of each remarkable biography. Especially if the picture is born not in emptiness, and in a cinema which is chock filled by drama researches of life of killers, the mafioso and serial murderers. From pre-war "Scarface" (the known film with Alem Pacino – a remake of a picture of 1932) to present series «Dexter’s Justice» – at the "Ice" horde of impressing competitors. What can the picture of the Israeli director Ariel Vromen oppose to them?

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