Hunters on demons

In group of priests under the direction of Engus (Clancy Brown) pretty often renegades. These attendants of God specialize on an ekzortsizm, but in this fight they are ready to go all the way therefore it is constant, unceasing, purposefully sin. The matter is that it is simpler to sinner to "entice" into the body of the demon and when it happens, it is possible to commit suicide and thus to send especially strong generations of darkness straight in a hell.

Hunters on demons

The film was shown for the first time in 2012, but Russia – the first country in which «Hunters on demons» leave in film distribution

J. T.Petti – very versatile personality. He writes scenarios (the most part of video games) and graphic novels, shoots any-different film, and still little by little is a producer and mounts. In a basis «Hunters on demons» its own comic strip, and in its basis very intriguing idea – infallible priests who compete, who whom перегрешит. However, the strange gap in logic from the very beginning is evident – unless suicide does not guarantee a direct road in a hell? Then to what all this grekhovodstvo with big «the account book»? Running forward, on a film course the most part of group will manage to visit afflicted, but any of them thus will not try to take the own life – that does a question mark concerning methods of work of Engus and the company to fatter.

Hunters on demons

Amateur videos of an ekzortsizm which show at the beginning of the film, are received as a result of the competition declared by authors of the film on a site

Unfortunately, this crudity for «Hunters on demons» – in general a commonplace. The cinema left rough and careless, this heap of crude ideas which are badly joined with each other and continually cause in memory of analogy to other, more successful films. Ears «Hunters behind ghosts» here stick out, here obviously smells as "The first force» and "Electroshock", «Bad Santa» from here looks out. Worthy reference points, however the friable scenario in which the guns hanged on walls shoot at the best through one, unable to connect these sendings even in more or less integral collection The Best of.

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