Open grave

The blood-stained man (Sharlto Koupli) comes to the senses at the bottom of the huge hole filled with corpses. That with it happened and as it here got, he does not remember – moreover, he does not remember even the name. On its shouts the mysterious Asian (Jozie Ho) who dumps to it in a hole a rope is. Having got out, the man finds out that in the house standing in the neighbourhood there are some more people – anybody from them does not remember, who they are such, but all understand that something around is created strange.

Open grave

In the American hire the film leaves only in 2014

Sharlto Koupli in the last few years worked wonderfully well – in 2013 light was seen already by four films with its participation. «The open grave» – perhaps, from them the most modest, but it does not mean that the picture needs to be ignored. The chamber history about a doomsday on some wood locations and half-dozens of characters is constructed on all canons of "paranoid" thrillers and keeps, as it is necessary, on the strong scenario and sure actor’s game. Stars from the sky the film does not suffice, but it is that case when diligence of founders are to be estimated.

Open grave

In Sharlto Koupli’s picture plays together with the Hong Kong actress Jozie Ho. In other film of this year, "Europe", he acted in film together with the Hong Kong actor Deniyel Wu. In Ho and Wu’s real life are on friendly terms and worked together four times

Having got out of a hole, the protagonist rather quickly finds out that his name is John and that on this holiday of life it superfluous – the others came to the senses in the house and they have the general photo with obnimashka. Why John on this photo is not present, and he regained consciousness in a hole with corpses – big and very important question. And the farther in the wood (in literal sense), the situation – to heroes slowly becomes more difficult, but memory inevitably comes back and bad details of that emerge, than John was remembered by it. John is sure that it bears nobody the malice but what to do, when in a face тычут such facts? And without that a difficult situation (around the people enraged and lost human shape infected with any terrible virus) only it is heated every minute.

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