Review of series «Lie monastery: Season 2»

Martie Kaan (Cheadle) – the best employee of consulting firm "Golduezer Stern", the real star, and together with the team it "tears" зазевавшихся clients to crackling notes so that обзавидуешься. The secret of success of Martie that it has no principles in business – the person it quite good, but for the sake of success is ready to cross through morals, conscience, pride and even the law if it is required. In the first season Kaana company absorption by large corporation which with guarantee would expose its command for the street hardly was possible to break, in the second season of a problem do not come to an end – his new chief is ready to be the death of it, and Martie starts to reflect on opening own business. Meanwhile the being wife stinker threatens to take away from Martie guardianship over the son, and his right hand, Jeanie (Bell), tries to understand the feelings to the boss.

Review of series «Lie monastery: Season 2»

During shootings of the second season of Christine Bell it was pregnant, and her being allocated stomach "cleaned" already on постпродакшене by means of special effects

The world of big money and corporate intrigues, based on humour, sex and family disorders, is represented an ideal platform for series – than heroes are more unscrupulous and more ambiguous, it is more interesting to that to watch them, especially a difficult and florid way they can be developed. Martie Kaan seems quite normal guy – loves the son, sincerely cares of the employees, not «encloses pigs» to clients (if they do not deserve it). But thus to like and even to respect him not easy – thanks to courage of screenwriters which allow it to do frankly vile and low things from time to time. This is one of those people with which it is dangerous to deal because their smile can designate anything – from sincere kindliness to a grin of the bull terrier, ready to stick into a throat in any second.

Review of series «Lie monastery: Season 2»

For a role Martie Kaan Don Cheadle received «The gold globe». It already its second award, he received the first for the television movie «Rat flight» (1998)

In the first season «Lie monasteries» of Martie traced an image quite brightly in an episode in which he looks after «» the young ambitious beginner, and then masterly him frames up to put out of the way, – there are similar stories and in the second season. On Don Cheadle this role sits as poured in, his environment – at the same time ridiculous, sexual and tragic Kristen Bell, bright ladies’ man Ben Schwarz, touchingly clumsy clodhopper Josh Lawson is picked brilliantly up also. On a place and the former wife Martie, prokokainenny whore Monica (Don Oliveri) in which something sometimes moves human, but she so is afraid that it will suspect of weakness that destroys similar things in a germ.

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