Eternal return

The known director suddenly was lost. From it there were film kilometers with tests for his new picture. The actor for the actor, the actress for the actress play in the same scenery the same train of scenes – the man comes on a visit to the former classmate and asks it for suggestions how to choose between the wife and the mistress. Though the woman does not want to discuss people unfamiliar to it, the man insists – and takes offense at each council offered it.

Eternal return

To rescue Santa

Polar elf Bernard cleans manure after flying elves of Santa Claus and dreams of glory. Every year it brings in "Santa Inkorporeyted’s" company the new invention, capable to help Santa in his work, and every year his presentation terminates in a failure. Here and this year Bernard’s invention fails and for a while cuts down light on all pole. Among other elfiysky devices the camouflage board is disconnected, and Santa’s village is marked on a radar by the harmful owner of corporation on delivery of cargoes which since the childhood dreams to learn how Santa Claus for only one night carries million gifts. When henchmen of the millionaire attack a pole and take elves and their leader prisoner, Bernard uses built in Santa’s sledge a time machine to return to the past and to correct the oversight. However it is trapped again. And in the second time. And in the third …

Shot from the animated film «to Rescue Santa»To rescue Santa

Team of dream

Fifteen years ago Patrick Orbera, the leader of the French football national team, was expelled from a field during an important match. The red card not only became fatal for his career of the player, but also derailed Patrick’s all life – today he is the homeless unemployed with alcoholic dependence from which the wife who has taken to court restriction of communication with the daughter left. As corrective camp it is offered to Patrick to train zashtatny amateur club of the fishing small village, having hard times. The football pro collects team from the old friends who long ago have hung up football boots on a nail, and intends to take from this national team of pensioners a cup.

Team of dream


Having given birth to twins, Elspeth Dickens (Laura Michel Kelly) stopped to sing in the British pubs, moved to Australia and became the housewife. As her husband, ecologist James (Ronan Kiting), almost carries out all the time to the sea, Elspeth alone raises kids and pines with monotonous life on the island of Tasmania. When the spouse buys it the webcam, the woman starts to broadcast on the Internet ironic songs about washing, cleaning and cooking. Its site involves visitors from all over the world, and the large advertizing agency invites Elspeth to Sydney to make her face of an advertizing campaign of the new female laptop which "Goddess" is called.


Cold heart

The hereditary princess of the small northern kingdom Elza was born with surprising gift. She is able to operate ice and cold. For years the girl with pleasure builds for the younger sister Anna ice locks in the middle of a ballroom while once unsuccessfully started small piece of ice nearly does not kill the baby. The frightened parents address for the help to the wizard troll, and that brings Anna round, in passing erasing from her memory all memories of magic of the sister. After that incidents the king forbids the princess to practise sorcery and orders it to steer clear of Anna and from other people. By then, when Elza lives to majority, her parents perish in the sea, and the princess crown as the queen. However the crowning and ball stress after many years of the actual imprisonment appears for Elza excessive test. It breaks, applies magic and, without having managed to restrain, freezes all kingdom, and then will run highly to mountains where constructs for itself an ice fortress. The dumbfounded Anna goes after the sister, hoping to convince her to remove a spell from the country. Together with it to a campaign there are her new friends – stately mountaineer Christoff and recovered by Elza’s magic a snowman Olaf. Meanwhile the foreigners who have gathered for crowning decide to get off both girls and to appropriate the kingdom.

Shot from the animated film "Cold heart"Cold heart

Review of series «Siberia: Season 1»

Group of participants of reality show of 16 people deliver by the helicopter to the taiga district remote from big cities. Conditions of game are standard for a format: participants should as it is possible to hold on more long unaided from the outside, living in several izbas in the middle of the Siberian woods. Everything begins as usual, heroes divide lodging for the night places, study world around, get acquainted with simple rules, however suddenly reality show turns into severe test. It appears, game is carried out in the territory where the Tungus meteorite hundred years ago fell, and now this place is full of dangerous traps and riddles. But to run late – the leader and team of technicians accompanying game disappeared.

Shot from series "Siberia"Review of series «Siberia: Season 1»

Review of series «Bridge: Season 1»

Short night failure with power supply on check point of border of the USA and Mexico leaves a mysterious riddle – a corpse which part lies on the American earth, and the second is in jurisdiction of the southern neighbor. Policemen undertake investigation from both parties of border – a detective Sonia Kross and inspector Marko Ruiz. Business is necessary difficult, confused, including many unknown. The slow course of investigation is aggravated also with that protagonists of series – people too different, besides having problems in private life.

Shot from series "Bridge"Review of series «Bridge: Season 1»