Glutton: Immortal

Having forcedly killed Jean Grey in the film ending «People Ickx: The last fight», Logan (Hugh Dzhekmen) will run in the Canadian solitude. He lives in the wood the eremite, while it is not found by Yukio’s Japanese (Rila Planina Fukushima), the pupil of the businessman of Yasida (Yamanouti’s Plaited white bread) – the native of a samurai clan and the old acquaintance of Logan. At the end of the Second World War the Glutton rescued the young officer during nuclear bombing of Nagasaki. Now dying of Yasid’s old age suggests Logan to give it eternal life and to receive in exchange normal human existence. While the Glutton considers this offer, Yasida dies, and round his inheritance war in which participate the yakuza, the ninjia, the mutants, all relatives of the dead inflames … And, of course, Logan. As the real Samurai, it cannot live without war.

Glutton: Immortal

Almost all shootings of a picture took place in Australia. For one of episodes the whole Japanese village there was built

When in 2009 Gavin Hud shot the first "solo" film about the hero of comics Marvel by the nickname Glutton, he so disappointed the audience that the Fox studio solved: «Further we will go some other way». A chair of the South African of the Harm the American expert according to thrillers and dramas James Mengold («To cross line», «Occupied a train on Yuma»), and instead of a prequel «People Ickx» it put a trilogy sequel. At last, the next pathos history was put in a basis of the scenario about world rescue, and a modest plot to komiksny measures in which the Glutton interferes with the Tokyo family dismantling not.

Glutton: Immortal

The performer of a role of Yasida Hal Yamanouti carried out almost all professional life in Italy. It debuted in one of erotic pictures of the cycle "Emmanuel"

What does it mean for the audience? First, if you know nothing about People Ickx, to "get the idea" of a picture to you it will not be possible. Though in it only two characters from last series (Logan and being to it in Jean Grey’s dreams), it is closely coordinated to previous adventures of the header hero. Secondly, if you count on epic мочилово, get the gubozakatyvatelny machine. In the "Immortal" only two long and effective action scene – in the middle of the film (saw in a trailer a fragment on a roof of a high-speed train? It is the ending of "median" slaughter) and right at the end. And the drop scene, at all its dramatic nature, to genre standards does not hold out. It not point, and tochechka. Even in comparison with "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" ending to which four years ago there were many claims. Other fighting fragments of a tape quickly come to an end and are, as a rule, reduced to fencing. Which in "Immortal" looks worse, than in the real east fighters.

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