High school

The last days at high school for Levi Collins develop extremely successfully: his tennis skill is noticed by a sports scout, and to the guy offer a place at university with a grant. The father heading a tennis dynasty, at happiness top, and here Levi not before triumph – appears, he did not receive one of annual offsets and its secondary education it is not considered ended, and without it the university cried. The principal suggests the teenager to attend summer school where it can pass "failed tests", but the collective of "vtorogodnik" shows Levi that he is engaged in life at all in of what dreamed.

High school

The director Tom Morris received for the picture which has become his full-length debut, a prize «Break of year» on a film festival in Newport scourge

In a genre of school teenage comedies it was told already so many that new films or escape from a circle of habitual situations, or are a mix from this that already appeared in the previous pictures. "High school" the literal Russian translation as well as possible characterizes a final product of the director Tom Morris – the film turned out so average that to his founders just right to visit school once again a little to tighten own knowledge.

The picture represents solyanka from a set of the school and teenage comedy stamps collected under one roof, but not become to a whole. In a picture, it seems, there are quite good ideas, there is a potential for brighter representation, but authors as if are frightened own thoughts and bashfully cover any though how many that being allocated lines. There are remarkable comical friends of the protagonist, but they suddenly in the first third уматывают to Mexico and drop out of sight to a final caption. There is a remarkable romantic interest in a new class with very promising background (we will not become спойлерить), but this match does not light up at all plainly – a zilch and only. Even the conflict in the film not too exciting – hooligans at school any modest, father’s nonsense and misunderstanding of how him deceive, do it by the most boring character, the protagonist simply sadly trudges on a narration, having bent the head.

High school

On a site aggregator Rotten Tomatoes the picture received quite rare lower rating of 0 % and has no any positive critical review from fourteen presented

The protagonist – same and the main trouble of a picture. Such faceless, boring, not being remembered character still should try to be thought up. Certainly, it in some way ботан, the simple guy who is not registered in hooligans-pakostnikakh, but also not the excellent pupil medallist that teachers put his another as an example. He should be imperceptible, ordinary, such Peter Parker. But Chris Sheffildkris Sheffild manages to be so imperceptible shadow that after viewing hardly it is possible to remember though one bright scene with its participation, bribe attempt to the teacher – here and all its luggage.

With such ringleader, apparently, any character of the second plan can safely do a step forward and rush on an embrasure, but heroes are not. Partly because of shortage of being remembered actors – Janine Garofalo and Larry Miller hide and on light leave only a few number of times. Partly because of a nepropisannost of characters heroes do not have enough depth, they could not be loved, there is nobody to become attached. Makkali Miller, playing the younger sister of the hero afflicted with passion to represent the mime is allocated in this gray company only. And that interest to it is kept only by singularity of her behavior at school and at home, for action development it the same unessential character, as well as her other screen colleagues. From similar heroes at a certain pressing quite nice people whom like to show in indi-comedies it seems «Small Ms. Happiness» could turn out, but also here authors preferred to reverse.

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