Review of the 5th season of series «Walking dead persons»

Mysterious Terminus to whom heroes of series went all last season, appeared a trap – in Ric and his people were waited by group of the armed cannibals. Having hardly escaped from captivity, the group goes to Washington where it is necessary to accompany the scientist by name of Eugene – the man refuses to go into details, but, according to him, he knows how to stop the zombie virus. Meanwhile Bet comes to the senses in community with which the policewoman fills – that established the rigid rules allowing her wards to survive, but to live one more day they should pay for the right.

Shot from series "Walking dead persons"Review of the 5th season of series «Walking dead persons»

If three years ago, on the second year of life of «Walking dead persons», someone predicted to it fast death (obviously, by a vpadaniye in a coma from general despondency), now series changed so, as not to learn. Yes, "firm" for this show vast conversations «for life» anywhere did not get to, but founders learned to combine this importunate reflection with a vigorous plot and to split up an action scenes – fortunately, in «Walking dead persons» already few years as nobody looks for the gone girl on a half-season and does not suffer on half an hour of screen time doubts, to kill or be the killed.

Shot from series "Walking dead persons"Review of the 5th season of series «Walking dead persons»

Fifth season, as well as previous (by the way, one of the best in series!) includes at once some subject lines. In its first half Ric and his group will come across the former priest with a terrible sin on soul and finish history with aggressive cannibals who pursue them from Terminus. Meanwhile Bet tries to be built in the small "police state" functioning by a principle of a beehive where everyone the accurate duties, but has no rights to own opinion. In the second half of a season heroes get to Alexandria – a key place for the original comic strip, the settlement in which Ric with companions will settle for a long time. But, though the general sobytiyny outline of series more or less coincides with a comic strip plot, in the televersion for this moment enough innovations, changes and the heroes "not documented" in the comic strip collected to make succession of events rather unpredictable and fascinating even for those who read the primary source.

Shot from series "Walking dead persons"Review of the 5th season of series «Walking dead persons»

Good news – in the fifth season still is a lot of action and death (on a next world some key characters will go at once), but there are also bad. First, founders obviously "save" heroes and do in exclusively boring or simply unnecessary characters so a special emotional shake-up from their death it is impossible. Secondly, "snivels" anywhere did not get to, so situations when a dynamic, abrupt series is followed by episode frankly through passage devoted to "digestion" of early events or to "a base mortgaging» to that will burst in the following series are frequent. It not especially hurts the eyes, when look a season in premier air in a mode «one series in a week», but hardly remains unnoticed if you are going to look it entirely, at one go.

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