Cold heart

The hereditary princess of the small northern kingdom Elza was born with surprising gift. She is able to operate ice and cold. For years the girl with pleasure builds for the younger sister Anna ice locks in the middle of a ballroom while once unsuccessfully started small piece of ice nearly does not kill the baby. The frightened parents address for the help to the wizard troll, and that brings Anna round, in passing erasing from her memory all memories of magic of the sister. After that incidents the king forbids the princess to practise sorcery and orders it to steer clear of Anna and from other people. By then, when Elza lives to majority, her parents perish in the sea, and the princess crown as the queen. However the crowning and ball stress after many years of the actual imprisonment appears for Elza excessive test. It breaks, applies magic and, without having managed to restrain, freezes all kingdom, and then will run highly to mountains where constructs for itself an ice fortress. The dumbfounded Anna goes after the sister, hoping to convince her to remove a spell from the country. Together with it to a campaign there are her new friends – stately mountaineer Christoff and recovered by Elza’s magic a snowman Olaf. Meanwhile the foreigners who have gathered for crowning decide to get off both girls and to appropriate the kingdom.

Shot from the animated film "Cold heart"Cold heart

Disneevtsa initially wanted to picturize «The snow queen» close to the text, but found that the header villain is too ominous for the children’s animated film

Whether Pixar purchase did disneevets good? Meanwhile – yes. If before the impregnable superstudio one by one draws in recent years sequels and prequels, spending talents of the animators for repetition passable, vospryavshy Walt Disney Pictures from hibernation again regularly releases the most worthy and original animated films:« Rapunzel», "Ralf" and now «Cold heart» – the musical inspired «Snow queen» of Hans Christiaan Andersen. At first sight can seem that the script writer and Jennifer Li’s director did not leave a stone on a stone from the initial fairy tale, but at the heart of the «Cold heart» is also history about related attachment and about the brave young heroine who without any superheroic abilities rescues the sister and the kingdom power of the love. Thus Anna, unlike piksarovsky Merida from «Brave heart», – not busily feministic heroine. It does not go with onions, she sincerely wants in marriage, and it on the behavior reminds Jennifer Lawrence – speaks wide, not «filters a market», is hardly entered in ceremonious rituals, but does not lose presence of mind, even when is trapped. This combination of optimism, a lyubveobilnost, inurbanity and vulnerability does Anna almost most charming of all Disney’s princesses. Disneevtsa already tried to create the heroine similar in fact in "Rapunzel", but there they went too far with comic "psikhovannost". Unlike the friend, at Anna all houses – that, of course, is very important, when it is necessary to rescue the kingdom, instead of simply on the sly to make the way for a holiday.

Shot from the animated film "Cold heart"Cold heart

Coauthors of songs of the animated film, the spouse Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, are known in America according to satirical musicals for adults «Q Avenue» and «the Book of the Mormon»

Is well matched for Anna and almost all other characters of "Heart". Teetering on the brink villainies lonely Elza, a hilarious snowman Olaf, freakish, but wise trolls, the foreign prince which is not so simple as it is represented first also is heart-breaking … Only Christoff did not hold on to the high level established for by Jennifer Li. The protagonist of "Heart" turned out presnovaty – though is far not such fresh, as early Disney’s princes. He loses only against the last achievements of studio – Flynn Ryder and Ralf. That, however, no wonder – though it plays important role in a narration, Christoff nevertheless not the central character, and the annex to Anna.

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