Having given birth to twins, Elspeth Dickens (Laura Michel Kelly) stopped to sing in the British pubs, moved to Australia and became the housewife. As her husband, ecologist James (Ronan Kiting), almost carries out all the time to the sea, Elspeth alone raises kids and pines with monotonous life on the island of Tasmania. When the spouse buys it the webcam, the woman starts to broadcast on the Internet ironic songs about washing, cleaning and cooking. Its site involves visitors from all over the world, and the large advertizing agency invites Elspeth to Sydney to make her face of an advertizing campaign of the new female laptop which "Goddess" is called.


The film is based on a musical solo performance «Songs at a sink» the singer and the composer from South Africa of Joanna Weinberg

As well as many national cinemas, the Australian cinema specializes on "adults", sometimes gloomy dramas not to compete with Hollywood in ability to force a positive and to create effective family and teenage shows. "Goddess" – an exception to the rules. It is removed on classical American curves: «The provincial finds in itself the hidden talent, her invite to the big city, and the woman should choose between a family and career. Songs, jokes, gags, beautiful actors and bright dresses are attached. Fun is guaranteed!»


The director of "Goddess" Mark Lamprell began career of the director with the film about shootings of the third series «Mad Max»

Or it is not guaranteed? At it how to look. On the one hand, stars very much try to entertain the audience. The main character sings, dances (sometimes solo, sometimes with corps de ballet), wears smart dresses and smiles a megavattny smile. Her kids and other minor characters are responsible for humour, and the former vocalist of a pop group of Boyzone of Kiting provides сексапил. Yes, you correctly understood – "Goddess" is mainly removed for women, and the Irish more often and more frankly undresses in a shot, than Englishwoman Kelly. Besides a positive plot about true values, some magnificent city and rural landscapes (Sydney is beautiful, but Tasmania is more beautiful!) and fashionable in recent years reasonings on Internet glory and secret supervision through the Network. That else to wish from the romantiko-comedy musical?

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