Review of series «Da Vinci demons: Season 1»

Italy XV century. Young Florentine genius Leonardo da Vinci (Tom Riley), equally brilliant in a science and in art, arrives on service to the governor of Florence Lorenso Medici (Elliot Kovan). Medici generously pays to the master as to the court engineer and the artist, but da Vinci money interests not. It is keen on Lorenso’s mistress, beauty Lucrecia (Laura Heddok), and that with readiness answers his courtings as is the spy of the Pope and "digs" under Medici’s all near circle. Parallel to Leonardo tries to solve secrets of a mystical cult under the name «Sons of the Mitre» with which disappeared mother of the genius was connected long ago.

Shot from series «Da Vinci Demons»Review of series «Da Vinci demons: Season 1»

To remove Florence the XV century, founders of "Demons" built huge scenery in the area of 24 thousand square meters in Wales

While many Hollywood screenwriters sit without work, David Goyer plows for three. The trilogy about Bleyda, the trilogy about the Batman, «The person from steel», new "Godzilla" … It would seem, its schedule is completely hammered. But is not present – Goyer found time to think up historical and adventure series about Leonardo da Vinci who causes in memory that the video game Assassin’s Creed 2 (the same Florence, the same Rome, the same historical characters), «Three musketeers» (a rollicking narration with intrigues, beauties and fights on swords), that is quite natural, «Da Vinci code» (solving of mystical secrets of Catholic Church).

Shot from series «Da Vinci Demons»Review of series «Da Vinci demons: Season 1»

The mitre is Persian god round whom in the Roman Empire there was a mystical cult with several levels of dedication and secret handshakes

As «Da Vinci demons» replaced in a grid of a broadcasting of the cable Starz channel the epic about Spartak, Goyer’s series – an adult show with blood, "exposed flesh" and straight talks about sex. However in "Demons" it is much less than all this, than in "Spartak", and at desire the new series would need to be cut short to a "teenage" rating. Sex and violence in it – only cherry on a pie from picturesque characters, the dense historical atmosphere, secret war between the Italian states and Leonardo da Vinci ingenious inspirations. Which that tests the inventions, has love affairs, boozes with friends, runs from prison, on the contrary, gets into a dungeon, calls in on a visit to transilvansky господарю to Vlad Tsepesh (he is Dracula), is at war with henchmen of Rome … That, having smoked rare herbs (we guess which), communicates with the conductor on the world of ancient mysticism.

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