Review of series «Dexters Justice: Season 8»

Having killed captain Lagerta in the ending of the seventh season, Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) runs into a deep depression, leaves police and is employed in detective agency. Meanwhile her former colleagues start to investigate case on the maniac which cuts out brain slices at victims. The police administration is involved as the adviser of the doctor-neuropsychiatrist by Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rempling). To huge surprise of the criminalist and serial murderer Dexter Morgan (Michael K. The hall), doctor Vogel appears the old acquaintance of father Dexter and the coauthor of the code of the rules which have allowed the header hero on years to avoid punishment for its numerous crimes.

Shot from series "Dexter"Review of series «Dexters Justice: Season 8»

For operating time over «Dexter’s Justice» performers of leading roles Michael K. A hall and Jennifer Carpenter managed to get married and divorce

Having held on on the screen eight seasons, «Dexter’s Justice» came to the end. Not because show ratings inadmissibly fell (opposite, ratings of the seventh season were better, than ratings of the sixth and fifth seasons) but because Dexter’s history, his native and familiar came to an end. Within all these years "Justice" was one of the brightest phenomena on the American cable television, and the header hero almost after a premiere of show entered at once the name in a pantheon of charismatic anti-heroes. As, attractive, prudent, slightly "botanical", but physically strong maniac murderer with strict moral principles! The excellent and dizzily difficult character of the extreme "adult" series who has been convincingly played by Michael K. A hall which for Dexter’s role was regularly nominated for "Emmie" and received «The gold globe». When it was declared that the eighth season becomes final, all admirers of series started to consider days and hours to a premiere of the last adventure of the favourite serial murderer of America. «What epic season was prepared for us by founders of show?» – fans wondered.

Shot from series "Dexter"Review of series «Dexters Justice: Season 8»

New chief Debra the Sean Patrick Fleneri known on the film «Sacred of Bundok» and to series of «the Chronicle of Indiana of Jones» played

As it appeared, disappointing. First, the main villain of a season proved to be artful and ruthless, but frankly pity opponent – almost the most pity in the history of series. Even Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks) from much pleased not the sixth season was brighter and interesting villain. Secondly, from all other very numerous new characters installed in a final season, anybody did not "shoot". Doctor Vogel, for example, it appeared rather subject adaptation for the message to Dexter and Debra of data on their past, rather than rather remarkable character. "Old men" of series did not please also – for Batista and Kuinn screenwriters thought up absolutely uninteresting subject line about promotion, and to turn Masuka into the "volume" character at the expense of introduction in series of his adult daughter was already late. After seven seasons of use of Masuka only as source of the scientific facts and obscene jokes its "upclassing" in the eighth season looked frankly wildly.

Shot from series "Dexter"Review of series «Dexters Justice: Season 8»

However, screenwriters of «Dexter’s Justice» never were masters on work with minor characters. In it to them stirred a show format. When the protagonist leads the secret hidden from all parallel life, other characters are inevitably pushed aside on the third plan because they to this life are not privy. «Dexter’s justice» long time was for 70-80 % about the header hero, and this ratio changed only in the fifth season when Dexter started to devote in the secret life of women – Lumen, Hanna, Debra.

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