The review of series «Orange – a season hit: Season 1»

Ten years ago, when Piper (Shilling) was still the innocent little girl, she fell in love in Alex (Obstacles) – the intellectual lesbian working for the international narcocartel. Alex involved it in the affairs, but then Piper bothered constant life on a side and it left. Passed years, Piper is going to marry the guy (Biggz), but the past makes up for it – Alex got and handed over all who ever worked for it, including Piper. The girl is given 15 months of prison and though it will well be prepared and will read many books how to survive in the conclusion, to that waits for it in these walls, it will appear is not ready.

Shot from series "Orange – a season hit"The review of series «Orange – a season hit: Season 1»

"Orange" it is based on the real events described in the book Piper Kerman which also acted as the script writer of series

Films about prison are always allocated with any special anguish, especially when their authors have for an object something to tell about life in a cage, instead of it is simple to use a prison setting for any rectilinear fighter or эксплойтейшена. Within the precincts of penal institutions the good and evil intertwine so that merge in an illegible shadow play, people open in themselves light or come over to a dark side, the destiny continually throws up surprises.

Shot from series "Orange – a season hit"The review of series «Orange – a season hit: Season 1»

Laura Prepon was initially tried for a role Piper, but founders of show decided that Alex will suit it more

Authors "Orange" from the first episode let know that for us waits further. It is a peculiar excursion on a zoo of archetypes of the correctional centers – each woman with the history and with the truth, to which else it is necessary to get to the bottom. Screenwriters build history really masterfully – flashbacks in the past of the elected heroines are evenly scattered on a season, the mosaic gathers slowly but surely. Formally main character, Piper, leaves from time to time on the second plan, conceding a proscenium to other inhabitants of prison, but founders never forget about it – it gradually reveals and constantly develops. From «the poor rich girl» as whom it appears at us at the beginning of a season, to the ending there will be no also a trace – and not so much because with it the prison, how many will make because she in herself will see.

Shot from series "Orange – a season hit"The review of series «Orange – a season hit: Season 1»

In general the main idea of series (not to judge the book on a wrapper), certainly, is not new, and, in principle, for films about prison this cliche – how many time we saw, how robbers and murderers appeared in actual fact the sweetest people? But within 12-hour series this cliche acquires "meat" from difficult situations and intricate problems, as a result authors do not go to slyuntyaysky treacle «not we such – life such», and present the heroines difficult, inconsistent persons in whom, of course, glimmers kind and eternal but which you hardly would choose to yourselves in the girlfriend. War with the internal demons (and usually lose) those who protects these women in parallel wage, – the power, as we know, corrupts.

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