The review of the 2nd season of series «Under a dome»

After the dome specified to Big Jim that will not allow Dale Barbara’s death, head Chesters-Millza changed the relation to that for the city concluded under a dome Julia Shamuey and her friends does. But isolation of inhabitants on it did not end, the dome continues to give surprises – that becomes the huge magnet destroying houses, cools air in a bubble, starts to be compressed. Meanwhile in the city the girl who was lost a few years ago is suddenly found. It once found the first the egg generating a dome. She can specify and an exit from under a transparent impenetrable cap.

Shot from series "Under a dome", a season 2The review of the 2nd season of series «Under a dome»

«That is dead, cannot die» – it seems, so speak during the magic ritual priests of one of clans of «Game of thrones». In the fullest measure these words belong to series «Under a dome» the CBS channel. And the second part of the phrase needs to be said with pity – heart is covered with blood, when look at that abstruse nightmare which is created on the screen all second season (and a half of the first, that there). The viewer needs to feel sorry only sincerely for actors and founders, to wish them the fastest termination of the budget and rating falling, to avoid any continuation of dome torture.

Shot from series "Under a dome", a season 2The review of the 2nd season of series «Under a dome»

The novel «Under a dome» Stephen King started to write in 1976, however the final version which has left in the press, was finished by it only in 2009

Probably, it is impossible to be so malicious to entertaining series, but it only response to mockeries from authors and screenwriters. It is necessary to tell that the first season too did not shine with mind and reasonableness. Stephen King’s books as him treat, have harmonous structure, own harmonous logic and let not always explainable, but clear mystical «physics of processes». The series which have gone by the way destroyed symmetry of the novel not only syuzhetno, for some reason were radically перекроены characters of characters. Brought it to the deadlock of the ending of the first season – while heroes of the book already knew that they do, characters of series still were in prostration.

Shot from series "Under a dome", a season 2The review of the 2nd season of series «Under a dome»

Executive producer Neil Baer declared that for the fullest embodiment of the history conceived by authors on the screen the series «Under a dome» should consist of five seasons on 13 episodes everyone

The resuscitation brigade of the first episode of the second season went on the simplest and at the same time to the most absurd from the point of view of a way plot – added new heroes. Yes, you will not believe, but under a dome the hero was suddenly formed, which all first season simply stayed at home behind closed doors. It is not enough of it? In the middle of the lake the unknown girl emerges. Insufficiently? Among inhabitants pair of zealous characters which did not show a nose the first days is found, but here suddenly got out into the forefront.« Yes it is fine, – you will tell. – In "Losta" too new heroes on the island appeared constantly». Let’s agree. But the difference is that the Island to "Survive" – a place obviously mystical and abnormal, and here the idea of the novel of King was that the lens of a dome directed on the usual, imperceptible small town, is hundredfold increases all defects and virtues of his most ordinary inhabitants. Ordinary people in a usual place appear in unusual circumstances, their actions and acts are caused by their "commonness".

Shot from series "Under a dome", a season 2The review of the 2nd season of series «Under a dome»

And exactly on it the series "break". Instead of the ordinary people who have got to a trap, on the foreground leave risen of dead and the foreteller with gift to draw future pictures, instead of habitual for local places since the childhood, become suddenly hostile, there were "wormholes" of passes out of limits of a dome and back, instead of logical search of an exit and a source of problems there were unclear rituals (especially бредово the scene of the next revival of Melanie where heroes discuss all series looks, in what order on it it is necessary to put hands that it rose, – horror!).

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