To rescue Santa

Polar elf Bernard cleans manure after flying elves of Santa Claus and dreams of glory. Every year it brings in "Santa Inkorporeyted’s" company the new invention, capable to help Santa in his work, and every year his presentation terminates in a failure. Here and this year Bernard’s invention fails and for a while cuts down light on all pole. Among other elfiysky devices the camouflage board is disconnected, and Santa’s village is marked on a radar by the harmful owner of corporation on delivery of cargoes which since the childhood dreams to learn how Santa Claus for only one night carries million gifts. When henchmen of the millionaire attack a pole and take elves and their leader prisoner, Bernard uses built in Santa’s sledge a time machine to return to the past and to correct the oversight. However it is trapped again. And in the second time. And in the third …

Shot from the animated film «to Rescue Santa»To rescue Santa

Though «to Rescue Santa» British were a producer, drew it in India. Prana Animation is the Indian studio which is mainly working for the western market

The British animation producers, apparently, liked idea of mechanization of Santa mythology. Two years ago we saw at cinema «Secret service of Santa Claus» of Aardman and Sony Pictures Animation studios where Santa’s family delivered gifts on huge "UFO", and now to us offer the animated film of Gateway Films and Prana Animation studios where in sledge of Santa Claus the time machine is built in and where the protagonist and other clever elves invent mechanical, instead of magic adaptations. Certainly, during iPhone and iPad era it is more interesting to artists to draw elfiysky computers, instead of elfiysky magic wands. But, reducing New Year’s magic to a science and equipment, screenwriters «to Rescue Santa» got to a subject trap.

Shot from the animated film «to Rescue Santa»To rescue Santa

The director «to Rescue Santa» Leon Dzhusen began as the animator at Disney studio. He drew "Little Mermaid", «Rescuers in Australia» and «Oliver and the company»

Really, if Santa is abrupt, because the cleverest work for it in the world scientists, Neuville Beddington, despite the word bad ("bad") in its surname, is absolutely right, when tries to find out force Santa’s secrets. After all the polar governor hammers nails a defibrillator. Only present, how many people can be rescued if to deliver with a speed of Santa food, drugs, doctors, rescuers, bodies for change! Even if to take for it money, it all the same where more morally, than once a year free of charge to carry to children gifts – often inutile knickknacks. If the secret of Santa Claus is not «special northern magic», and smart technology, elves are worse than nazis. At least, some nazis doubted that it is necessary to shoot small children. And Bernard and his friends do not think at all of those people who perishes every year because elves and Santa hide the inventions from mankind.

Shot from the animated film «to Rescue Santa»To rescue Santa

But, let us assume, we forgot about this enormous logic mistake and at the same time ignored that shocking fact that not Neuville, and his stale mummy (animated films for kids with a rating 0 + should learn to obey mother instead of to doubt her words) appears the main villain of a tape. How looks «to Rescue Santa», if to deduce for brackets ideology?

Shot from the animated film «to Rescue Santa»To rescue Santa

All the same badly. Colourful, but poor computer animation, a confused plot with accumulating travel in time which can nonplus small children (in «Back in the future» a plot was where it is simpler!), odorous jokes about manure, not terrible and not ridiculous, and razdrazhayushche the pretentious villain, hardly planned minor characters … And songs. Oh, these songs! It is hard to say, whether "merit" is founders of the Russian dubbing-in or the original too was dreadful, but when Bernard starts to sing, it would be desirable to run out from a hall. Because its songs are intolerable and is musical, and lyrically, and on execution. And, by the way, why the hell songs not so lyrical and not to the romantic animated film?

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